September 2007

Stay out of our town paedophile !

A CONVICTED sex offender, described by cops as a “horrific paedophile of the worst kind”, has been allowed to move back into his old address which is NEXT DOOR to a child care centre.

Evil Alistair Pratt, 34, was jailed to three years for child abuse images offences but was let out after only 15 months and returned to the street three weeks ago.

He was arrested after a 15-year-old girl in the US received live webcam images of a man in sex acts with a baby.

When cops raided Pratt’s house they found 1,200 indecent images of children many of which showed kids aged five to eight being abused.

Outraged neighbour James Fulcher, 37, said he can’t sleep at night knowing Pratt is living next door to his three children in March, Cambridgeshire.

He said: “It makes me feel sick that he is allowed to be there.

“I can’t see how society can allow him to move next to a daycare centre.

“My kids play out in the back garden in the paddling pool and I don’t want him looking out and taking pictures.”

The quiet cul-de-sac is full of families with young kids who now fear the pervert may strike again.

Fulcher added: “The police are being very unhelpful because they denied he was moving back and now I find that to be untrue.

“Even though we have alerted them he is there they have done nothing.”

After Pratt was sentenced Det Sgt Chris Tatum-Horsfield from the Cambridge child and domestic abuse investigation unit said: “These images were horrible, really horrible.”

“They were level four and level five images which are the worst type and they involved very young children and babies being sexually abused by adults as well as images of sadism and animals.”

Today a Cambridgeshire police spokesperson said: “Unless a specific restriction is imposed as part of a sex offender’s order, registered sex offenders are not restricted in terms of visitation.

“Any concerns expressed to officers are obviously taken seriously and appropriate action taken where necessary.

“Cambridgeshire Constabulary employs specially trained police officers to manage sex offenders living in the community.”

But Shy Keenan from child abuse support group Phoenix survivors says that isn’t good enough.

She said: “Pratt is a serious risk to everyone in the community and not someone who should be living next to a child care centre.

“It is criminal train wreck waiting to happen letting him live that close to his potential victims.

“Cambridgeshire police should act immediately to move him to a more appropriate location – it is just common sense.”