August 2020

Convicted paedophile sent back to prison after reoffending

A convicted paedophile from Northampton has been sent back to prison for child sex offences.

Liam Shields, aged 38, from Clintonville, has been given an extended sentence at Northampton Crown Court.

He will serve 33 months in jail before being considered for release and will serve an extended 17-month period on license.

Shields is a convicted paedophile and was jailed for seven years in 2012 for 42 counts of child grooming.

A tip-off from a member of the public in May of this year, having witnessed him behaving suspiciously towards three children he had approached in a Northampton park.

He had pressured the into taking off their socks and shoes.

A police investigation followed and he was found to have numerous photos of children’s feet on his mobile phone

As His Honour Judge Rupert Mayo sentenced Shields yesterday (Tuesday, August 4) as he sentenced Shields: “What I imagine you call a foot fetish this court calls an unattractive and dangerous addiction to sexual flirting with underage children.

“Your pre-sentence report concludes that your risk to children is assessed as high in terms of psychological and emotional harm.

“In my judgement, there is adequate material for me to conclude there is a significant risk of harm to children and members of the public by you further offending.”

July 2015

Foot fetish paedophile recalled to prison after breaching sexual offences order

A predatory paedophile who was jailed for seven years in 2012 after he “bullied, coerced and pressured” children into exposing themselves over Facebook has been locked up again after he breached the terms of his Sexual Offences Prevention Order (SOPO).

Liam Shields, aged 33, of Long Meadow Court, Thorplands, Northampton, was released from jail in April this year after serving just under half of his prison sentence.

Northampton Crown Court heard in March 2012 how Shields, who has a children’s foot fetish, created profiles of an 11 to 13-year-old girl and her older brother on Facebook and MSN and then persuaded children as young as nine to expose themselves to him by webcam over the internet.

He pleaded guilty to 42 charges of causing, inciting and attempting to incite children to engage in sexual activity, engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child, making, possessing and distributing indecent images of children.

As well as being jailed, Shields was made subject of a SOPO order banning him from owning a device capable of storing internet history or from withholding that from police officers

On Monday, the court heard that Shields, who was visited at his home address, refused to hand over a mobile phone with internet coverage and was found to possess a USB stick.

Rachel Law, prosecuting, said analysis of the phone revealed Shields had set up an account on the adult dating website Plenty Of Fish and an Instagram account.

The internet history also showed Shields had searched for pictures of children’s feet on Instagram, although there was no evidence he had contacted anyone.

The court heard that Shields had completed the sexual offenders treatment programme in prison.

His Honour Judge Timothy Smith had obviously had ‘no real response” to the programme.

Shields was sentenced to six months in prison.

March 2012

Pervert who “bullied” young children into exposing themselves on Facebook and other social networking sites jailed

A PREDATORY pervert who “bullied, coerced and pressured” young children into exposing themselves over Facebook and social networking sites has been jailed for seven years and will be on the sex offenders’ register for life.

Liam Shields, aged 29, created fake profiles of an 11 to 13-year-old girl and an older brother on Facebook and MSN and while stalking the internet, he persuaded children, as young as nine, to expose themselves via webcam over the internet.

But when they tried to block him or refused to continue, he used emotional blackmail by threatening to kill himself or circulate the naked pictures.

Northampton Crown Court heard Shields is feared to have targeted up to 200 children, both boys and girls, while posing as a someone of similar school age.

Foot fetishist Shields, of Stanton Close, Desborough pleaded guilty last month to 42 charges of causing, inciting and attempting to incite children to engage in sexual activity, engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child, making, possessing and distributing indecent images of children.

Joe Spicer, prosecuting, said the charges related to 13 children, who cannot be named, but this did not accurately reflect his true criminality. He said: “The indictment does not reflect his total offending by any means. It is restricted to the Facebook accounts the police had access to.”

Mr Spicer added: “Over an 18-month period, he used Facebook and other sites to contact children and got them to ad him as a friend, then persuaded them to show their feet, engaging them on webcams and encouraging them to expose their bodies to him, all the while directing them what to do, sometimes masturbating in full view of the children, some as young as nine. He bullied, coerced and pressured them into appearing on webcams for him, threatening in some cases to distributed naked pictures of them or to others threatening to commit suicide.”

The mother of one victim said: “He spoke absolute filth to my 10-year-old daughter. It was not nice or flirtatious or even racy. It was the spewings of his sick mind.

“Even if he had said those things to an adult, it would have been filth but to say those things to a child is inexcusable.”

Sentencing, Judge David Tomlinson said Shields’ “sinister” offences were characterised by the psychological and emotional turmoil they caused. He said: “A truly aggravating feature is, having deceived these children into thinking you yourself were a child, sometimes male, sometimes female, you obtained indecent images and threatened to circulate them if they did not do what they were told.

“These were not just indecent images simply downloaded from the internet. They were made in particularly aggravating circumstances and they were distributed to other children against a background of emotional blackmail.”

Shields, who will be subject to an indefinite sexual offences’ prevention order limiting his future use of the internet and access to children, was led to the cells in tears. A parent of one of his victims clapped as the judge announced the sentence.

Det Con Katy Tyrrell said: “We suspect there are many more people like Shields engaging in this type of online activity, targeting young children.

“Parents should remain vigilant as there will be other people using the internet for these same reasons; to contact children and manipulate that contact for their own sexual gratification.

“Parents should oversee their children going online and report anything suspicious to help us deal with these sexual predators.”