June 2009

Order will restrict sex offender

A CONVICTED sex offender has been handed a prevention order to protect the public.

Klaus Hansell, 61, of Heymeads Court, Heybridge, was given a sexual offences prevention order which stops him from allowing anyone under 16 to enter any premises he occupies in the absence of that person’s parent, guardian or carer.

He is not allowed to be in a vehicle with anyone under 16, except on a bus, coach, train or tram in public service, unless accompanied by that person’s parent guardian or carer.

He is not allowed to refuse entry to his home when police attend on a monitoring visit.

The application by Essex Police, was made at Witham Magistrates’ Court.

An interim order was granted in November while Hansell sought legal advice, although he breached it in February and was remanded in custody for three months.

Chief Insp Nick Lee, of Maldon police, said officers had been working hard over the past year to issue the full order.

He said: “This is only the second time this legislation has been used in Maldon district and it gives us an additional range of powers to prevent crime.

“The order will be closely monitored and any breaches dealt with firmly.

“This order is a clear demonstration we will use all means available to ensure public safety.”

Phillip Williams, representing Hansell, said the order had previously been contested because Hansell, who is said to have learning difficulties, did not understand what was going on or accept hearsay evidence presented by police.

He said: “It’s not a case of a classic vindictive, over intelligent paedophile, he does struggle to understand.”

But Alison Lambert, the barrister representing Essex Police, said of the order: “They have been stated in such a manner he does understand what’s expected of him and understands what would happen if he breaches it.”

Breaching the order would see Hansell arrested and taken to court where magistrates would decide whether to imprison him or not.