April 2007

Sex pervert played with dolls

A convicted child molester consoled himself by hanging two mannequins from the ceiling above his bed, a court heard.

Whenever 62-year-old George Kemp felt sexual urges he would touch the dolls – one dressed as a schoolboy, the other as a schoolgirl – instead of “approaching real kids”, said prosecutor Joanne Butler-Savage.

But Kemp’s bizarre habit came to light when a housing officer visited his rented flat in Keighley after the building was hit by flooding.

The female officer noticed the two dolls, which had been adapted to show male or female genitalia.

There was also a poster of a boy and girl in swimwear and the officer became concerned, so the police were called.

A search of the flat revealed 11 indecent photos of a boy aged about ten years, a suitcase of children’s clothing and some stink bombs.

Kemp pleaded guilty at Bradford Crown Court on Monday to 11 charges of possessing an indecent picture of a child. Jailing him for a year, Judge Roger Scott said: “In my view, you are a dangerous man. You are thoroughly entrenched in your view as to having a sexual preoccupation with children. You are a total sexual deviant.

“You are a danger to children and there is a substantial risk that you will commit further offences. This has been a way of life for you for years and years.”

The judge said that, according to the pre-sentence report, Kemp had had to move home because he had been looking out of the window at schoolchildren waiting at a nearby bus stop.

Mrs Butler-Savage said Kemp told police that the mannequins had been adapted and positioned for his own gratification as he admitted having sexual urges towards children.

He denied allowing children into the flat in Parkwood Rise, Keighley, and said that both the children’s clothing and the photos dated back to the 1980s.

Lesley Dickinson, in mitigation, said there was no suggestion that Kemp had been involved in sexually touching children since his last conviction in the 1970s.

“He has this preoccupation with children but he has done his best in his own way to distract himself away from laying his hands on children,” she added.

Although it was “a somewhat odd way” of dealing with his sexual gratification it was a matter of his own taste that he sought to do that in private.

As well as the jail term, Kemp – of Crossley Wood Road, Bingley – was made the subject of a Sexual Offences Prevention Order and will also have to sign on the Sex Offenders Register for ten years. After his release, he will be under an extended licence period of 30 months.