March 2012

Tutor had sexual images of children on computer

TUTOR John Rumsey has been jailed for nine months after downloading thousands of sexual images of children.

The 78-year-old pleaded guilty to 10 charges relating to a total of 4027 images found on his computer.

Rumsey, who tutored sixth form students to help them get into Oxbridge, downloaded and shared some of the worst rated photos of children.

Mary Harley, prosecuting at Gloucester Crown Court, said an investigation by South Wales police linked Rumsey of Walnut Close, Cheltenham, with images of children on a file sharing website.

She said: “On June 11 last year, his home was searched and computer equipment was seized.

“Mr Rumsey was arrested after the images, seven and a half per cent of which were the worst level four or five, were found.

“All of the images had been downloaded from internet sites and none of the victims had even been identified. Mr Rumsey had been using the internet to share images with others.

“There were also comments about sexual gratification from viewing images of the sexual exploitation of children.”

Rumsey was of previous good character, Judge William Hart was told.

In mitigation, Paul Trotman asked if sentence could be adjourned so that Rumsey could see one student, who had a good chance of getting into Oxford, through her A-levels, but Judge Hart refused.

“This file sharing website is well known,” Mr Trotman said, “and many types of file are shared on it.

“During the downloading, he organised the files into sub-files and that puts a different slant on what he says about them being downloaded accidentally.

“But he denies that he ever took part in exchanges of comment, and maintains his computer must have been hacked.”

Rumsey had already taken steps to distance himself from tutoring people under the age of 18 Mr Trotman said.

“And there is no suggestion that in 20 years of tutoring, he has ever made an approach to any of the young people he has taught,” he said.

Passing concurrent prison sentences totalling nine months, Judge Hart said Rumsey was in complete denial of his unhealthy sexual interest in young children.

He also imposed a 10 year sexual offences prevention order and Rumsey will also be on the sex offenders register for ten years.