March 2021

Convicted sex offender caught with indecent child images at his home in West Yorkshire

A sex offender was found to have accessed indecent child images after police seized electronic devices from his home.

West Yorkshire Police officers executed a search warrant at Raymond Dimmock’s home on Talbot Court, Normanton, after receiving intelligence that illegal images had been accessed using an internet provider address linked to the property.

David Hall said two tablet devices were seized from the property.

They were analysed and it was discovered that he had accessed a total of 117 illegal images.

Four of the images were at category A, the most serious level of offending.

They depicted graphic sexual abuse of children aged as young as two years of age.

The tablets had been fitted with file sharing equipment and a Tor browser enabling him to access the dark web.

Dimmock has previous convictions for indecent assault and indecency with a child.

He was sentenced to six years in prison in 2011 after he confessed to doctors that he had sexually abused children when he was taken to hospital after taking an overdose.

A probation service report stated that Dimmock would respond well to attending a sex offender programme.

He was made the subject of a 30-month community order and told he must complete 30 rehabilitation activity requirement days.

Dimmock was told he must go on the sex offender register for five years

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March 2011

West Yorkshire child abuser confesses

A paedophile who was caught after he took an overdose and confessed his crimes to hospital staff has been jailed for six years.

Raymond Dimmock’s decade of abuse came to light after a psychiatrist at Pontefract General Infirmary contacted police when he told them he had sexually abused girls and downloaded child abuse images.

Dimmock went to the hospital on April 17 last year after phoning one of his victims to apologise and then taking an overdose of paracetamol.

He was arrested at the hospital and his victims, who had never reported the abuse, were eventually traced.

Leeds Crown Court heard he abused three girls during a period of around 10 years.

The abuse began on each victim when they were aged around seven-years-old.

His victims were often made to watch pornography as sex acts took place.

Sharon Beattie, prosecuting, said Dimmock also made threats to the girls to keep them quiet about the abuse.

He told one of his victims that her mother would go to prison if she said anything and that no one would love her.

Dimmock accepted that he was attracted to female children

Dimmock, of Leatham Crescent, Featherstone, pleaded guilty to nine charges of indecency and four of indecency with a child.

After his arrest police seized his computer and found that files had been deleted and the machine was damaged.

John Dunning, for Dimmock, said he accepted full responsibility for his actions and asked for him to be given credit for pleading guilty.

He said the circumstances in which the offences came to light were unusual as he had taken the overdose out of guilt for what he had done

Mr Dunning said Dimmock accepted that he was attracted to female children and wanted to address his behaviour so he does not offend in the future.

Jailing Dimmock, judge Gillian Matthews told him: “They were vulnerable children who deserved to be protected, not abused. You did your best to ruin their lives.

“This represents a gross breach of trust and a corruption of the young.

“This was an appalling catalogue of offending, including making them watch pornographic films.”

Dimmock was also ordered to go on the sex offenders’ register.