Update: Young has now been released and is currently staying in Glogan House hostel in Bridgwater

March 2011

Paedophile jailed for eight years after drunken confession

A PEADOPHILE who confessed to a shocked mum that he had sexually abused and raped her daughter, has been jailed for eight years.

Stuart Young, 34, could not live with the guilt of his crimes against the girl, who was aged between nine and 12 at the time he was abusing her, Gloucester Crown Court heard.

On March 26 last year he drunkenly blurted out to the girl’s mother what he had been doing and police were called.

Young showed the extent of his own disgust with himself when he told police he deserved to die.

“It’s all I deserve,” he told the officers who arrested him.

Young pleaded guilty to orally raping the girl when she was 11.

He also admitted four offences of sexual assault of the victim ranging from when she was nine until 11, with the crimes taking place from 2007 onwards.

Judge William Hart passed an eight-year sentence but added an extra four years licence period.

The sentence means that when Young is released on parole after four years he will be subject to recall if he re-offends or breaches his licence during the next eight years.

“This was a catalogue of serious sexual offences against a very young girl,” said the judge.

“The way this came to light is unusual.

“You yourself disclosed what had been going on and it is said on your behalf that you saw that as the only way of the abuse stopping.”

As well as the jail term with extended licence period, the judge made a sexual offences prevention order against Young and also told him he will have to sign the sex offenders register for life.

Derek Ryder, prosecuting, said after his release from prison in October 2009 Young, formerly from Longlevens, went to live in the Ryecroft Bail Hostel but became a regular visitor to the family home of the little girl.

Between the ages of nine and a half and 12 she was abused by Young, he said.

But on March 26th last year Young got drunk and then told the girl’s mother: “I have abused her.”

Defence solicitor Lloyd Jenkins handed the court a letter written by Young and quoted a passage from it in which he said: “I told her mother what I had done so she could get help and not end up like me. That is the only positive thing I can do. I hope she is able to rebuild her life.

“I am so sorry for what I have done and all the hurt I have caused everyone.”

Mr Jenkins told the court: “He could not live with the guilt. He became consumed by that guilt and because of it he brought this prosecution upon himself.”