Febuary 2011

Dad who abused his children in Altrincham is jailed

A PENSIONER who abused and raped his children in Altrincham in the 1970s and 80s has been jailed.

Jack Taylor, 71, from Straight Road in Berkshire, was jailed for nine years at Manchester Crown Court Crown Square on Friday 11 February.

He had pleaded guilty to the rape of his teenage daughter Suzanne, child cruelty relating to the abuse of his step son Brian and indecent assault of his daughter Caroline at an earlier hearing.

Taylor’s three children have taken the unusual step of waiving their right to anonymity, so the full extent of his crimes can be revealed.

Suzanne, Caroline and Brian, who are now 43, 42, and 35, and all living in different parts of the country, decided to report the abuse to police last year after they came into contact with each other on social networking siteFacebook in 2009.

They had lost contact with each other in the 1980’s when they were put into care, after Taylor’s sexual abuse towards Suzanne came to light in 1984 and he was jailed for 15 months.

But after getting back in contact in 2009, the siblings decided to report the full extent of Taylor’s abuse to the police.

Between 1973 and 1984, Taylor regularly physically abused Suzanne and Brian, and in 1984 he sexually assaulted Caroline.

Taylor raped Suzanne when she was aged between 14 and 16 at his homes in Northern Moor and Altrincham.

He regularly assaulted Brian from the age of eight to 14, often hitting him in places on his body where other people would not see the marks.

The abuse only stopped when Suzanne took an overdose of drugs and as a result told an adult that Taylor had been abusing her, leading to his first conviction.

After the sentencing, Detective Sergeant Lee Price praised the victim’s for their strength in coming forward.

“It is incredibly hard for the victims of any abuse to come forward, especially when decades have elapsed.

“Taylor’s victims found strength in finding each other and put their confidence in us to get justice done for them. Today should be the start of them moving on from the horrible ordeal he put them through.

“I’d ask others in the same position to consider doing the same, come forward and we will help you.

“This also sends out a message to offenders like Taylor – you not have got away with it.

“Taylor had even served a short sentence for some of his crimes already but because the people he abused were finally able to tell us the full extent of his crimes, we were able to put him back before the courts to ensure justice was done.”

Taylor was also ordered to sign the sex offenders register for life.