June 2012

Rape victim’s disgust at Appeal Court ruling on her father

Monster ... Christopher Frost

A DAUGHTER who was subjected to a decade-long campaign of sexual abuse by her father has hit out at Appeal Court judges for scrapping his life sentence.

Christopher Frost, 46, of Cedar Avenue, Tiptree, was jailed for life last December by Ipswich Crown Court for four counts of rape and other sexual offences against his daughter Emma, who is now 22.

Judges at London’s Appeal Court yesterday quashed the life sentence, ruling that it was out of proportion with the crimes.

He will now serve an indefinite term of imprisonment for public protection, with a minimum term of ten years and ten months to serve before he can apply for parole.

Miss Frost waived her anonymity to speak about her ordeal earlier this year in a bid to raise awareness of the Phoenix Post support group.

“I think he totally deserves a life sentence,” she said yesterday.

“I’m not just thinking about myself, but he has damaged so many lives.

“He will go through all the programmes they offer him, but I 100 per cent believe he will do it again to another kid.

“I don’t think ten years is enough. I don’t think he should have any rights or even be allowed to appeal.”

Miss Frost also criticised the courts for failing to inform her of the appeal, adding: “It’s really bad – I wasn’t even aware of it or had it explained to me.

“The court rang my sister to say he was going to appeal, but they haven’t told me anything.

“I had to go online to try to find out what was happening and was really worried about it.

“It’s a bit of a relief to know he will be in for at least ten years and that they are protecting the public and other women, because I think he’s a threat.”

The judge who sentenced Frost in December said his crimes had an “incalculable” impact on his victim, who he had “bullied and manipulated” while subjecting her to his twisted demands.

His crimes were so “abhorrent” they demanded a life sentence.

But the Appeal Court judges said although the offences were “appalling”, they “doubted whether they were so grave and abhorrent to the public that they justified a life sentence”.

December 2011

Paedophile rapist is given a life sentence

A PAEDOPHILE who subjected a teenage girl to what a judge termed “a campaign of rape” has been jailed for life.

Christopher Frost, 45, of Cedar Avenue, Tiptree, attacked the girl as many as five times a week over a ten-year period.

Judge Rupert Overbury said Frost’s behaviour had turned the girl’s life into a living nightmare and life imprisonment was the only fitting sentence.

He will have to serve at least ten years before he can apply for parole.

He told Frost: “All these offences were calculated and planned. The effect of your offending is incalculable.”

Frost, had denied five charges of indecent assault, causing a child to engage in sexual activity, sexual activity with a child and four charges of rape.

An Ipswich Crown Court jury found him guilty of all these charges, but cleared him of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl.

Judge Overbury said Frost’s behaviour towards the girl he repeatedly raped had been cynical and manipulative.

The attacks had begun in the late Nineties. On one occasion he had plied the girl with so much drink that she was sick. She fell asleep and later awoke to find Frost had removed her trousers and was sexually abusing her.

Giving evidence, the girl said Frost told her if she tried to report him, no one in authority would believe her.

The attacks had concluded with “a campaign of rape”, said Judge Overbury.

Passing sentence on Frost, he told him: “She will probably have the physical and mental scars for the rest of her life.”

He concluded Frost represented a serious risk to children and young women and would only be allowed to have parole when that risk was considered to no longer exist.