June 1997

A CONVICTED paedophile has come out of his Salvation Army uniform, the World can exclusively reveal

Clifford Turner, 34, is no longer wearing his blue military soldier uniform but continues to work for the charity in civvies.

He still collects used clothes from houses throughout Halton and takes them to the Salvation Army charity shop in Widnes.

He no longer sells the War Cry outside Widnes market.

His sudden homecoming devastated the families of the three young girls he sexually assaulted.

One of his shattered victims froze in horror when she recognised him rattling money in a collection tin at Green Oaks shopping centre.

She said: “You expect people in the Salvation Army to be saints and to stand for goodness.”

Turner, 34, was jailed for 18 months at Chester Crown Court in May 1987.

He admitted three indecent assaults on young girls and another sex offence against a child in Widnes.

Two sisters, who were molested by him while he looked after them in their own home as a babysitter, spoke for the first time last week about their traumatic ordeal.

One of the girls, now aged 20, said: “It went on for about six months. We were terrified.”

This week, Turner changed his name by deed poll and has taken a new identity.

He has left his home in Handforth Lane, Halton Lodge, Runcorn, and gone into hiding, after receiving threats.

For legal reasons, the World will not disclose his new name or address.

A spokeswoman for the Salvation Army said: “As an Evangelical movement, the whole idea of the Salvation Army is that people come to us to be saved from a troubled past. William Booth, who founded the movement, saved prostitutes, criminals and people with severe alcohol problems.

“If it just a matter of their past, we would never preclude someone from being a member.”