March 2011

St Osyth rapist of girl, 13, loses court appeal

A SEX beast who was jailed for ten years for repeatedly raping a teenage girl has lost his bid to convince judges he didn’t receive a fair trial.

Dad-of-four David Lockwood was jailed in December 2009 after being convicted of three charges of rape.

He had denied the attacks which happened six years earlier when the girl was aged just 13-14.

Lockwood, of Church Square, St Osyth, claimed the allegations were made up, although the court heard he confessed to his wife he had slept with the girl. On Wednesday he launched a bid to challenge his convictions at London’s Criminal Appeal Court.

Lockwood, 43, claimed the jury had been misdirected by the judge during his trial in Chelmsford.

His lawyers argued the convictions were unsafe because the trial judge should have told jurors they could convict him of alternative counts of indecent assault, if they believed he had consensual sex with the girl.

But the appeal was rejected by top judges, who said the trial was fair and his convictions safe. Mrs Justice Dobbs said if the jurors weren’t sure the victim was raped, they would have found Lockwood not guilty.

The original trial heard Lockwood had not used extreme force, threats or violence.

Judge Christopher Ball QC told him: “It was simply the man, the adult, overpowering the will of the child.

“She was not in a position to say no or to resist and you were able, for a few moments, to have your sexual pleasure with her.”

He said Lockwood should have faced up to his crime instead of forcing his victim to give evidence at the trial.

The court heard the girl didn’t tell anybody until she mentioned it to her boyfriend when she was 16. She then told her mother in 2008 and the family contacted the police.

Lockwood had trained as a motor mechanic and worked in Colchester before becoming an insurance salesman.

He is on the sex offenders’ register for life.