June 2018

Serial sex offender duped way into home of eight children

A serial sex offender duped a father-of-eight into allowing him to stay in his home and go on trips with his children.

David Powell, 34, had a 20-year sexual offences prevention order imposed on him after racking up six convictions in Angus and Merseyside for shameless indecency, exposure and outraging public decency.

The order banned him from being in the company of children under 17 unless he told a supervising adult about his previous convictions.

He was also banned from going within 100 metres of a children’s play area.

In March this year, Powell made contact with an old school friend via social media and rekindled their friendship

The unsuspecting dad – who had eight children living in his house in the Angus area – later agreed to let Powell, who was moving back to the area from Liverpool, sleep in his shed for a couple of days.

During that time Powell spent vast chunks of time around the children and was invited to go with them on a trip to Monikie Country Park.

But when one complained Powell was getting “too comfortable” around them, another member of the family Googled Powell’s name – unveiling his sordid past.

Powell has repeatedly been convicted of exposing himself – including one incident where he was seen carrying out a sex act in front of young girls at a play park.

Powell, a prisoner at HMP Perth, pleaded guilty at Dundee Sheriff Court on indictment to two charges of breaching a sexual offences prevention order.

Sheriff Alastair Brown jailed Powell for two years.

September 2016

Wirral sex offender back behind bars after street football match with young boys

A Wirral sex offender is back in jail after a game of street football with two young boys.

David Powell was hauled before the courts after failing to tell the children’s parents – who were watching on – that he was on the sex offenders’ register.

A judge today accepted there was no sinister motive to the kick-about but slammed Powell for making his tenth court appearance for breaching his Sexual Offences Prevention Order (SOPO).

Powell joined in the half-hour match after passing the boys – aged two and four – playing in the street on August 6.

His then girlfriend watched the game along with the children’s parents, who had no idea of his past.

They became suspicious just three days later, when the dad spotted messages on Powell’s phone describing him as “a nonce”.

He checked the UK database (this website) and found Powell, of Egerton Street in New Brighton, was a sex offender and he alerted the police.

When he was quizzed by police Powell disputed the accusation, saying “I didn’t do it” and claiming it was a malicious allegation.

But today the 32-year-old pleaded guilty to breaching the SOPO, which was imposed in 2007 for indecent exposure.

Liverpool Crown Court heard Powell had also breached the order back in February when social workers received a tip off about concerns over two young girls in Liscard. Powell had been living with their mother for about a year.

He was jailed for that offence and was on licence when he took part in the street football match.

Jailing him for 12 months Judge David Aubrey, QC, said it was the tenth time he had appeared in court for breaching the order or failing to meet the notification requirements.

He pointed out that Powell had no convictions for molesting children and there was no sinister reason why he was playing football with the boys, but he had to learn he must abide by the terms of the SOPO.

He said: “The provisions are there to protect children and you must learn that you must abide by the provisions placed within the sexual offence order.

“The offence is so serious only an immediate custodial sentence is justified.”

Ken Heckle, defending, said although Powell had not made admissions when arrested he had pleaded guilty.

He said: “He has to understand he cannot have a normal life regarding his every day.”

Mr Heckle added Powell had not instigated the game of football and had just joined in and there had been nothing suspicious about his behaviour.

His girlfriend had been aware of his status but since the incident they had split up and he had moved to his current address.

August 2007

Pervert banned from public parks

A BIRKENHEAD man exposed himself to children playing in a park and also to railway commuters, a court has heard.

David Powell, who has committed similar offences in the past, was placed on probation for three years on condition he attends a sex offenders’ treatment programme.

Judge William George also made a Sexual Offences Prevention Order, whose conditions include banning Powell from being within 100 metres of children’s play areas in parks.

Powell, 23, who admitted outraging public decency, indecent exposure and obstructing police, has to sign on to the Sex Offenders Register for five years.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that on the afternoon of December 11 Powell was seen performing a sex act in a stairwell at Conway Park railway station in full view of commuters. He was arrested and gave a false name but enquiries revealed his true identity and that he had committed similar offences in Scotland.

On February 22, he was arrested after following a nine-year-old girl and her friends in Central Park, Wallasey, and officers arrived and found him by a tree performing a sexual act.

Martin Reid, defending, said that a psychiatric report showed that Powell, of Bentick Place, Birkenhead, did not need psychiatric help but there is a high risk of him re-offending.

“He now accepts that he needs helps and what he has been doing is wrong,” said Mr Reid.