April 2010

Man jailed for having sex with teenager who had mental age of 10

A PAEDOPHILE who had sex with a child with mental health issues has been jailed.

Ian Holmes, aged 24, of Richard Close, Runcorn, picked up his 14-year-old victim, who thought she was meeting a friend.

Holmes had accepted a ‘genuine request’ to collect the girl, and contacted her by phone before taking her to his mother’s Runcorn home on July 6.

Warrington Crown Court heard on Friday how Holmes kissed the child, who had a mental age of 10, before taking her to a bedroom for sex.

Prosecution barrister Joanne Clark said the victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was frightened but knew Holmes had a reputation for being bad tempered.

The attack came to light when the child’s mother reported her missing after she had spoken to an ‘abusive’ Holmes on the phone, the court heard. He later took the girl to Runcorn police station.

Holmes was arrested and admitted knowing the victim was only 14 but denied having sex with her.

This, however, was disproved by DNA evidence found on the girl, who gave a statement in October stating how she could not sleep because of nightmares. She told the court: “I try to have a normal social life with friends but it’s too hard – I just think he’s going to get me.”

Eric Lamb, representing Holmes, said that although there was no accusation of rape or that the victim had been groomed, Holmes had exploited the situation.

Mr Lamb said: “He took advantage of the opportunity that presented itself.”

When sentencing Holmes, who has no previous convictions, Judge David Hale said: “Your family are horrified by what you have done.

“This is not grooming in the classic sense but you engineered the occasion of picking her up from the bus station.”

Holmes was jailed for 32 months.