Feb 2011

Man found with stash of child pics jailed

AN unhealthy obsessive who posted tens of thousands of indecent images of young girls online has been jailed.

Peter Parks, 70, was sentenced to eight months in prison after police seized 64,187 still and moving images from laptops and memory sticks at his home in Broad Meadow, Kelvedon Hatch, in February last year.

Sentencing Parks at Basildon Crown Court last Friday, Judge Jonathan Black said: “It’s quite clear from the number of images found on your laptop and assorted memory sticks, both still and moving, that you have an unhealthy and continuing obsession with young girls.

“You have told police your interest is not sexual.

“I find that difficult to believe given the fact you have accumulated so many in such a short space of time.

“If it wasn’t for you, the lives of these unfortunate young girls would not be ruined by the fact they must grow up knowing indecent images of themselves are out there on the internet.”

Parks will face a string of further sanctions so authorities can keep track of him.

These include notifying police of personal details, including his name, address and national insurance number, and his computer will be fitted with a net nanny device that will keep a record of the web pages he accesses.

Judge Black added: “I believe these are necessary to stop you being tempted in the future.”