November 2008

Stanley paedophile jailed for attacks on teens

A PAEDOPHILE was jailed for assaulting teenage girls. Factory worker Ian Hume was sentenced to 18 months after admitting assaulting four young girls.

The 39-year-old pleaded guilty to fondling the girls – the youngest just 13.

Today the mother of his latest victim, said: “I wanted to see him sent down, even if it was just for couple of months. I just want him to know what it’s like to be afraid and intimidated, like he made those girls feel.”

Warehouse worker Hume, of Station Road, Stanley, first assaulted a girl in 2002, but was only caught after he touched another teenager in December.

He would offer girls a massage before touching their breasts, Durham Crown Court heard.

Hume, who worked at manufacturers Anson Ltd, in Team Valley, Gateshead, initially went to police to rubbish the allegation, but was left defenceless when their investigation lead them to more of his victims, the court was told.

The married father-of-two admitted three counts of sexual assault, one indecent assault and two counts of sexual activity with a child, on the day of trial last month. Four more counts will remain on his file.

Mitigating, Vince Ward said: “It’s a hugely embarrassing thing to have to admit to. It has brought no small amount of embarrassment and shame.”

Wearing a black leather jacket and dark T-shirt, Hume looked dazed as he was jailed by Judge Chris Prince.

Judge Prince said Hume had a “predilection for touching the breasts of teenage girls”, adding his offer of a massage was merely a “technique that you used to manipulate these young girls into a position where you could touch them in a sexual manner”.

The mother of one of the victims was at court to see him sent do, and said: “He’s ruined his own life, he’s lost his job and he’s lost all the respect he ever had – all for the sake of a sick, perverted grope.

“He’s let down a lot of people. He’s a liar – a manipulator. He’s ruined my daughter’s special memories of her childhood.”

Hume was placed on the sex offenders register for 10 years and was banned from working with children.