June 2010

Paedophile Peter Cutting given 16 life sentences

Peter Cutting escaped justice for his terrible crimes against children for over 30 years.

He repeatedly raped and sexually abused a little girl in the most depraved ways imaginable, leaving her with emotional scars that will last forever.

The sickening attacks started when she was just four, and lasted for almost 10 years

And it was not until last year when his victim finally reported the abuse that police discovered Cutting had also subjected another teenager to years of horrendous rape, violence and humiliation.

But now, thanks to the courage of his victims, Cutting is finally behind bars.

Last night, as the 63-year-old began 16 life sentences for his appalling crimes, the detective who brought him to justice described him as the most horrific sex offender he had come across in his 32-year police career.

Det Sgt Mick Lindsay, said: “His abhorrent crimes have had a devastating effect on the lives of the victims. Both have suffered unimaginable mental and physical illness as a consequence. This is one of the most horrific cases I have ever come across in terms of the effect it has had on his victims.”

Cutting’s young victim’s ordeal began in 1984 when he visited her parents’ home in Gosforth, Newcastle, Newcastle Crown Court heard.

At first the abuse began with touching, but it developed when the girl turned five or six, and after that he raped her regularly.

Penny Moreland, prosecuting, said: “He told her she was not to tell her mother because she would not understand how special she was. These things would occur whenever he stayed with her. He would offer to read her a bedtime story.”

The assaults became more regular when Cutting moved from Leicester to Newcastle in 1990, after getting a job at the Nissan factory in Washington.

Ms Moreland said the girl was taken to Sunderland, where Polaroid pictures of her were taken in front of other men.

Cutting continued to abuse her until she turned 11.

But it was not until April last year that the victim, now in her 20s, reported her ordeal.

Cutting was arrested and interviewed and, although his victim’s memories of the earliest assaults were sketchy, she was able to tell detectives about a girl she remembered being there the first time she was abused.

When officers traced this woman, now 44, in June last year, they were looking for a potential witness who could help convict Cutting of the attacks on the Newcastle girl.

Instead, they found she was also one of Cutting’s former victims, who had suffered three years of rape and abuse.

Judge David Wood heard how the second girl met Cutting, then 33, when she was 14 through a music band.

The pervert told her to lie to her parents, telling them she was going to band practice but asking her to meet him instead. He first raped her after telling her he wanted to take her home to meet his parents. The abuse continued until the girl was 17. She fell pregnant by him in 1982, when she was 16, but he made her have an abortion.

On one occasion Cutting locked the girl in a cupboard for so long she wet herself. On another, he asked her to cook duck for him, but then threw the meat and its fat over her before raping her.

He would also regularly tell her she was dirty and wash her in the bath, scrubbing her roughly with a Brillo pad.

Ms Moreland told the court both victims had been left permanently traumatised and how the years of abuse continue to haunt his second victim, who now lives in County Durham.

“Her mental health problems have prevented her from fulfilling her potential,” she said. “And she’s also made attempts on her own life.”

The court also heard how his first victim, who has since married and become a mother, had attempted to take her own life numerous times.

“Both women suffered from serious mental health problems as a result including anorexia, self-harming and suicide attempts,” said Ms Moreland.

Cutting had already spent 12 months in prison after a judge at Leicester Crown Court convicted him of three offences of gross indecency with a child, in 1996.

But when he was arrested last year he denied both the women’s complaints. On the morning of the first day of his trial, in April, he pleaded guilty to more than 20 counts of rape, gross indecency and indecent assault.

Cutting, of Kingthorpe Close, Leicester, showed no emotion as Judge Wood sentenced him to life in prison, ordering that he must serve at least eight-and-a-half years behind bars before he can be considered for parole.

The judge said: “The effect on these two girls has been devastating. You were in a position of trust, you were a much older man and used your superior strength and age to overpower (the victims).

“You have an unhealthy appetite towards young girls and you continue to be a risk to them.”

Philip Gibbs, defending, said: “These are extremely grave offences. There’s no point in arguing that they are not. They are appalling matters. There’s little that can be said on behalf of the defendant, he understands that.”

Cutting was also ordered to sign on to the Sex Offenders’ Register for life and was banned from working with children.