November 2011

Teen tells of her terror at hands of sex beast

A PREDATORY sex beast is behind bars after attacking a 16-year-old as she walked alone.

The teenager had been on her way to a friend’s home in Hebburn when 32-year-old convicted paedophile Alan William Blacker struck.

He had followed her off a Metro train, and as she walked alone along a path through Waterside Park, in Hebburn, Blacker pounced.

At the time, he had only been out of prison for two months after breaching a sexual offences prevention order.

The victim – who was 16 at the time of the attack – managed to break free as he tried to kiss her on the lips, but Blacker grabbed her again and forced her hands down his trousers.

She believes the March 11 attack only ended because Blacker thought he was about to be disturbed.

Today, she told the Gazette of her terror.

“I got off the Metro and was walking along the path when someone tapped me on the shoulder,” she said.

“I turned round – I thought it was someone wanting help, but then he grabbed me and pushed me against a fence and starting kissing me.

“I just froze. I was so scared. I just remember saying ‘Please don’t’ and ‘That’s naughty’.

“I tried to push him off, but he was so strong.

“He tried to get his pants down and somehow I managed to break free, but then he grabbed me again and put my hands down his trousers.

“I kept trying to get him off me and kept telling him ‘Please don’t.’ Then he just ran away.”

The teenager managed to make her way to her destination, where she scrubbed her hands.

Fortunately for police, she forgot to wash her face which meant forensic officers could take a DNA sample, which eventually snared Blacker.

The victim was at Newcastle Crown Court to see her attacker put behind bars on Friday.

Blacker admitted sexual assault and was jailed for 27 months, with a five-year extended licence period.

He must also sign the Sex Offenders’ Register for life and has been banned from ever working with children.

She said: “I didn’t have to go to court, but I wanted to. I wanted to see him go to jail.”

Since the assault, the teenager says she has suffered panic attacks when out, and is a lot more wary of people around her.

Her mum said: “We were shown CCTV of my daughter sitting on the Metro, and he was sat watching her.

“She was completely unaware of him.

“You saw him follow her off the Metro and pull his hoodie up over his face.

“When we were told of his past, it’s so scary to think what could have happened.

“When we were at court, he showed no remorse for what he has done.

“I’m absolutely horrified someone like him had been allowed to walk the streets. He should be locked up for life.”

ALAN William Blacker is a convicted paedophile with a catalogue of sex offences behind him.

In 1995 – when still a juvenile – the 32-year-old raped two girls, aged eight and six, on a field near Newcastle’s Town Moor.

For that, he was made the subject of a guardianship order, and later of a sexual offences order, in February 2004.

Despite the order – banning him from contact with any young person and taking part in any work or recreation where a child might be present – he found himself behind bars in 2005 for breaching the order by meeting a child after sexually grooming the youngster.

He was released a year later. In the months that followed, he was spotted playing with children as young as five outside a Newcastle church.

He was jailed again after admitting two breaches of the order – and then went on to carry out his latest attack in South Tyneside.