Febuary 2010

‘Sex with dog’ Aldershot couple jailed for rape

A COUPLE from Aldershot have been jailed – one of them indefinitely – for raping a teenage girl.

At Winchester Crown Court on Wednesday, a judge branded Vincent Lynch and Catherine Lynch, of Gloucester Road, Aldershot, as “depraved and disgusting”.

Mrs Lynch said she had sexually assaulted the girl because she could not stand up to Mr Lynch who was encouraging her to do it.

Police searched the couple’s home after arresting them and found hundreds of images and videos depicting sex with children and bestiality.

Jack Russell

One video, shown to the jury during the trial, showed Mrs Lynch in sexual contact with a Jack Russell dog and was filmed by Mr Lynch.

Their charges include rape, possession of extreme pornography and buggery.

Judge Andrew Barnett, who presided over the couple’s trial and sentencing, described their lifestyle as “depraved and disgusting” and said he had considered a life sentence for Mr Lynch.

Vincent Lynch was sentenced to 18 years in prison, while Catherine Lynch was jailed for eight years.

Mr Lynch, 47, had denied all 27 charges against him while Mrs Lynch, 38, admitted all but one count of rape on the day their trial began.

A jury convicted the pair on all charges after the two-week trial in January.