Feb 2003

Child porn man jailed

A MAN who pleaded guilty to downloading pornographic images of children from the Internet received a four-month prison sentence yesterday.

Paul Arthur James, aged 23, of Mead Lane, Cwmbran, appeared at Newport crown court on 20 charges of downloading child internet porn.

The court heard how James had downloaded a mixture of photographic images and video sequences from a ‘person to person’ computer programme.

He claims he inadvertently clicked onto the child pornography while trying to access other material and that he did not know how to delete the images.

Police arrested James at 7.30am, on September 12, after he had downloaded an image involving teen rape.

The site he had accessed was being monitored by a unit of the Metropolitan Police investigating child porn offences

Police discovered around 97 separate images on James’s computer.

The court heard how James co-operated with police at the first opportunity and voluntarily told officers there were some ‘pretty sick images’ on the computer when he was arrested.

Jane Rowler, defending, said James had accessed the computer programme in question to download music and failed to delete the material concerning children he had inadvertently picked up.

James, a former technician for Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust, had also been using the computer programme to gain access to adult porn.

Ms Rowler, defending, said James was a man of good character who had no previous convictions and enjoyed a balanced lifestyle.

She said James was not someone heavily involved in child pornography and had not contacted an agency for the material. There was also no evidence of him trying to distribute the material.

She said: “He is an earnest and responsible young man and admitted the images on his computer were entirely his fault. He admits he is the victim of his own folly.”

However, the court heard how two of the 20 images in question were classed as level four material, of a serious sexual nature, and only one category away from the most serious child porn images.

James received a four-month prison sentence, half of which must be served in custody. The defendant will be required to take part in a three-year sex offenders programme and be required to register as a sex offender on leaving custody.