Update: Roystan Lewis has now been RELEASED and has returned to Ebbw Vale

May 2010

‘Danger to children’ gets 20-year sentence

A GWENT man described by a judge as a great danger to children is starting a 20 year prison sentence.

Roystan Lewis, 58, from Ebbw Vale, appeared at Cardiff Crown Court, after being found guilty of two serious sexual offences, one count of sexual assault, seven counts of indecent assault and two counts of indecency with a child.

The charges span a 15 year period, with Judge Neil Bidder telling the court how Lewis “bought the trust” of families, “to gain access to their children”.

He said: “He lavished gifts on the children, taking them on trips to places like Disneyworld. The families trusted him and let their children go to his home and watch his large library of children’s films, play with toys and computer games.”

The court heard how Lewis would start tickling the children before play fighting led to touching.

The serial sexual offences related to multiple incidents against a young boy with Lewis also indecently assaulting another boy.

He also sexually assaulted a girl on one occasion and Judge Bidder said Lewis “intended a similar pattern” with her, before she told a relative.

The defendant was convicted of common assault in 2006 after he slapped the bare buttock of a young boy as he played pool at his house. He was charged with a sexual offence, but Judge Bidder said a jury was unsure if there was a sexual motive.

“In hindsight, it’s quite obvious there was,” he said. “This is confirmation you are a great danger to pre-pubescent boys and girls”.

The judge said the “great turmoil and psychological upset” caused in Lewis’ victims is ‘incalculable”.

He was described as a “hard-working man”, but with “very childish interests”. Judge Bidder said he has never had a sexual relationship with another adult because ‘he prefers children”.

Defending Lewis, Harry Baker, said while he was answering very serious charges, he was “otherwise very well spoken of by people”.

Judge Bidder sentenced Lewis to 15 years for a multiple incident serious sexual offence, but because of its seriousness, increased it to 20 years under the Criminal Courts Sentencing Act 2000.

He must also serve concurrent sentences of 15 years for another serious sexual offence, six years each for seven counts of indecent assault, 12 months for sexual assault and 18 months each for two counts of indeceny with a child.

He must serve seven and a half years in prison and the rest on licence.

Judge Bidder said: “At the end of the 20 years, you will be well into your 70s and your sexual urges should be significantly reduced.”

Aftre the hearing, DC Mark Gardner of Gwent Police thanked the victims for coming forward and assisting in the conviction.

He said: ‘The support given by their families has been tremendous.”