PERVERT Stephen ‘Rossi’ Walsh poses bruised and bloodied in his prison cell after receiving a vicious beating for his sick child sex crimes.

Paedophile Walsh (63), who was a leading member of Martin ‘The General’ Cahill’s gang, was once the most feared criminal in Dublin’s murky underworld.

But now, the ageing thug has been abandoned by his former associates who are desperate not to be linked to a convicted sex beast.

These exclusive images show Walsh scraped, bruised and bloodied after being battered by an inmate in Cloverhill Prison.

On Thursday,Walsh was jailed for a further three years in Dublin Circuit Criminal Court for brutally sexually assaulting a seven-year-old girl.

The veteran mobster was already serving a ten-year sentence for raping brave Ruth Dunne when she was just nine-years-old.

Despite repeated denials of his sick crimes, Walsh has been abandoned by his former cronies and is now housed in protective
custody with other sex offenders.

These images capture a humiliating beating which was ordered by a relative of a leading member of Martin ‘The General’ Cahill’s armed robbery gang.

The notorious criminal, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was said to be “disgusted” at Walsh’s horrific crimes. An underworld source told the Sunday World that Rossi is a “leper” behind bars.

“If he had died ten years ago, Rossi would have had the biggest funeral in Dublin.

“But nobody wants anything to do with him now. He is like a leper. He was battered in prison because of the lies he has told people who trusted him.

“He is a pervert and all of his denials and bulls**t wouldn’t change that.”

Last month, Walsh was convicted of simulating sex on a seven-year-old girl more than 20 years ago. Ex-armed robber Rossi, who defended himself in court, denied all charges and claimed he was stigmatised and had no one he could call to give evidence on his behalf.

During the trial, the now 29-year-old victim described how Walsh molested her on two occasions when she visited his home. She told the court how he made her lie face down on a bed with a pillow under her stomach.

She said sicko Rossi lay on top of her andmoved “as if he was having sex”, and she heard moaning noises.

The victim was cross-examined during the trial by Walsh who asked her why it had taken her so long to come forward.

She replied: “Because I was ashamed. You hurt me and when you tell people you have to deal with it.”

During the sentencing hearing on Thursday, Judge McCartan said Walsh had taken advantage of a young girl and had forced her to relive the experience again during the trial where she was cross-examined by Walsh.

“I have a clear recollection of her stressed condition,” he said.

Earlier this year, Rossi was caged for ten years for child rape, finally bringing an end to hisclaims to be an ‘Ordinary Decent Criminal’.

Walsh had previously portrayed himself as a latter day Robin Hood in the south-inner city. The evil rapist liked to brag about his sordid career as a bank robber, arsonist and fraudster.

In an interview with the Sunday World, Walsh mocked his one-time partner in crime, Martin ‘the General’ who, he said was a mere “baby” compared to himself.

“I was the one followed 24 hours a day. I went on all of the jobs I organised. He [Cahill] didn’t. It was embarrassing. He was a baby.”

Walsh was one of the most prolific criminals to emerge from the criminal underworld in Dublin in the 70s. He was a senior member of ‘the General’s gang and took part in that mob’s most celebrated heist, the theft of the Beit art collection in 1986.

At one stage during the follow-up investigation, Walsh met an underworld Dutch art dealer in a bid to sell the paintings for Cahill.

In the 1990’s Walsh masterminded millions of pounds in compensation frauds. The scams involved arranging for associates to “fall” into holes left in the streets by Bord Gais and other utility companies.

But in 2005, the Sunday World exposed how Rossi was really a serial sex offender who preyed on vulnerable children.

In February, he got a 10-year jail term for raping brave Ruth Dunne, who was then just nine-years-old, in the 1990s.

During sentencing, Mr Justice Carney said that Rossi’s “guess-the-fruit-and-veg” game was one of the most repulsive sex offences he has ever encountered in his 18-years as judge.

He added he found it “particularly revolting” that Walsh had planned the “sex game” by purchasing the fruit and vegetables in a shop beforehand.

Mr Carney said he could find no mitigating factors which would reduce Walsh’s sentence. He imposed seven years post-release supervision and warned Walsh he could be jailed again if he fails to abide by its terms.

Ruth Dunne waived her anonymity to speak about her ordeal on the steps outside Dublin’s Central Criminal Court.

She said: “I am pleased with the results and justice that has been done here today. I am glad this man has been exposed to the public for what he really is.”

Gangland hardman Walsh made his name as an armed robber in the 80s. The fitness fanatic,who once played for Shelbourne, also ran a number of protection rackets in the south-inner city.

But in 1992, he was jailed for 15 years for arson following the destruction of a pub in Ballybough, Dublin. Despite being nabbed amid the smouldering rubble of the pub,Walsh told the Special Criminal Court that he had “no recollection” of the inferno.

But gardai were “100 per cent certain” petrol vapours had caused the explosion and Rossi was their man.

Two five-gallon-drums, an electric fire and three gas cylinders were also found inside the pub.

There were petrol traces on a seat inside the pub and petrol traces on the destroyed clothing taken from Walsh.