Sept 2008

Woman jailed for unlawful sex with schoolboy

A MOTHER of two who had unlawful sex with an under-aged schoolboy in Tredegar has been jailed for 21 months.

Victoria Melton, 22, of Parkwood, Maidstone, admitted three charges of sexual activity with the boy aged 14.

As she was led to the cells a relative of hers shouted from the back of the court “You can’t call this justice.”

Judge Nicholas Cooke told Melton: “A 14-year-old boy is a child. Those who commit sexual offences against children have to be punished such offending is deterred.”

Prosecutor John Warren said the offences were committed between August 1 and October 28 last year in Tredegar and Kent.

The criminality he said involved a “systematic exploitation” of a child with whom she had full sexual intercourse.

The boy lived in the Tredegar area and she would sometimes travel from Kent to the town to visit the boy.

Once she invited the boy to Kent and she had sex with him there.

At one time they were having sex over a two month period but last October she ended the friendship saying that she wanted to “clear her head.”

Melton was arrested in January and admitted knowing the boy’s age.

She at one time described him as “a spoilt little boy who wanted his own way.”

She denied the allegations of having sex.

The Judge said it was an unusual and salatious background to Melton which would not be revealed in open court.

Her counsel Jeffrey Jones said: “There are a lot of issues in her background. She now accepts her guilt but she didn’t exploit the boy or groom him.”

At the time, he said she was suffering depression because of a hostile relationship.

“She was vulnerable and welcomed affection.”

Mr Jones pointed out that there was a lack of emphathy with the victim.

She was banned from working with children for ten years and on release ordered to register as a sex offender for ten years.