April 2010

Bestiality porn pictures found

A SWANSEA Valley man found to have “extreme and dangerous” pornography as well as indecent images of children has been placed on a sex offenders programme.

Police raided the Clydach home of David Francis Wilson, 48, on June 5 last year and removed computers from the kitchen, a bedroom and the attic.

Before they could be examined by an expert, Wilson attended Swansea Central Police Station and confessed he had searched the internet for child pornography using all three computers.

Chris James, prosecuting, told Swansea Crown Court officers subsequently found 182 indecent images of children, two of which fell into the most serious category five.

But they also found 642 images of “extreme and dangerous” pornography, which included photographs of people having sex with animals and people being injured.

Wilson, now of Ffordd Ellen, Craigcenfparc, Clyd-ach, admitted 23 offences of possessing child pornography and other indecent images.

Mr James said he told police he had searched the internet about 20 times.

Wilson’s barrister, Paul Hobson, said even the defendant viewed his behaviour as “appalling and disgusting.”

He said there had been difficulties with local people who “did not like what they heard about him.”

“The shame of conviction will never leave him,” added Mr Hobson.

Judge Huw Davies made Wilson the subject of a three-year supervision order, during which he must attend a community sex offenders programme. He was also ordered to register with the police as a sex offender for the next five years.

In addition, Wilson was ordered to pay his entire defence costs as well as £1,200 towards the cost of his prosecution.