July 2003


A Whitnash pervert who downloaded almost 2,000 pornographic images of children, some as young as three, has been jailed for six months and placed on the sex offenders list for seven years.

Paul Vincent Castle, 37, of Rowley Road, appeared before Warwick Crown Court on Friday. He pleaded guilty to ten charges of making the indecent images and three of distributing them.

Simon Ward prosecuting told the court how Castle had been apprehended by police who tapped into an internet programme he had been using and discovered files called Paedo Dad and Big Daddy.

A programme called Kazar was used by Castle to download the images and they were put into a shared file which other people had access to.

Instead of listing every one of the 1,778 indecent images, which had been downloaded, only 13 were used as samples.

Mr Ward said: “He admitted it was out of character. He agreed that some of the images were there for other people to share.

“He said he used them to get a sexual kick.”

Castle had deleted some of the pictures and moving images from the desktop but IT experts working for the police were able to retrieve them.

The images were then shown to Judge Martin Pyke who admitted they were quite serious.

After looking at one he said: “The little girl in the dress appears to be very young indeed. No more than three or four-years-old.”

An instruction was made by Mr Pyke to destroy the images some of which were very serious with high levels of sexual abuse towards young children demonstrated.

In mitigation Paul Haynes said Castle, who had previously worked in a computer shop, had been suffering from depression since the tragic death of his wife in September 2000.

He said it was important for Castle’s motives to be investigated because he could not explain his behaviour.

Mr Haynes said: “He was not retaining any of the images and all were deleted and by comparison the number retrieved was relatively small.”

Throughout the hearing Castle, dressed in a grey suit with a blue shirt and tie, sat with his head lowered.

Sentencing Castle Judge Pyke said: “You downloaded these pornographic images over a period of months.

“You must understand that those who provide a demand for this must hold some responsibility for the abuse and degradation of children.

“For offences of this nature involving the type viewed and volume downloaded, a custodial sentence is justified.”

When sentenced Castle broke down and looked toward the public gallery where his distressed relatives were seated.

For all of the offences Castle was given a six month prison sentence and is expected to serve half. He was also placed on the sex offenders registerfor seven years.