December 2015

Sex offender jailed for IT ban breach


A CONVICTED Wigan sex offender who breached a court order relating to his internet use has been jailed for 22 months.

A judge told Adrian Dehavilland that in his opinion they were “serious breaches” and an immediate jail sentence had to be imposed.

The 50-year-old of Linney Square, Scholes, had been due to face trial but then changed his plea to guilty to breaching a Sexual Offences Prevention Order imposed on him in 2012.

The order was amended on June 12 this year but within days – July 3 – he had breached it, said Ken Grant, prosecuting.

A condition of the order was he could not possess a computer or related equipment without permission from the police.

But when officers raided his home they discovered a smart TV which could access the internet and a USB storage device.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that Dehavilland has 19 previous convictions for sex offences and was jailed for five years for false imprisonment in 2010.

Martyn Walsh, defending, said that the two breaches had occurred in a short period of time and were “minor” breaches.

January 2012

Paedophile admits porn charge

A team of detectives investigating unsolved crimes have managed to nail a paedophile not once, but twice.

Former Wantage man Adrian de Havilland was arrested at his home in Wigan, Lancashire, in March 2010 for attacking an 11-year-old girl on a path near Didcot Power Station back in 1982.

He was eventually jailed for 39 months but police continued their investigations after seizing his computer. It revealed hundreds of photographs and videos of sexual abuse of girls aged between 10 and 16.

Yesterday Judge Patrick Eccles was told 10 per cent of those images were grade four and five – the highest levels for indecent imagery – before he jailed the 47-year-old for 16 months in addition to his current sentence. He had admitted four counts of making indecent images of children and Cathy Olliver, prosecuting, said as well as illegal hidden images, other worrying material was uncovered by police officers.

She said: “There’s a file called ‘park two’ – a hidden file of 24 photographs taken by Mr de Havilland, taken in parks and focusing on a young girl in particular.”

The court also heard that the defendant had originally told police officers he knew nothing about the images and was shocked to hear they were on the hard drive of his computer, which he had bought at a car boot sale because it contained files about aircraft.

Miss Olliver said: “He is interested in aircraft. He has changed his name, he used to be known as Mr Smith.”

De Havilland was the legendary British aircraft manufacturing company founded in the 1920s.

A file on his computer called “aircraft plans” was found to contain 567 stills and videos.

Graeme Knight, defending, admitted the probation service’s report about his client was damning, adding that perhaps the only mitigating factor was that the children pictured could have been younger.

Sentencing him to 16 months on each charge, to run concurrently, Judge Eccles said: “As a man of deviant sexual behaviour you in the past have been guilty of contact offences, gross indecency and sexual assault. You are somebody who has behaved in this way not only in the privacy of your own home, but also in public.

“The probation service report is really about as bad as it could be.

“You have a belief that your behaviour should not be criticised.”

De Havilland was also ordered to sign the sex offenders’ register and was given an indefinite sexual offences prevention order.

Sex offences history 

Adrian de Havilland, 46, formerly Adrian Goodenough, sexually assaulted an 11-year-old girl in 1982 but was not caught and jailed until 2010.

He returned to Oxford Crown Court yesterday to admit four recent charges of downloading child pornography.

De Havilland, who also committed 51 indecent exposures and five indecent assaults between 1982 and 2001, attacked the girl on a footpath near Didcot Power Station in April 1982.

He was jailed for 39 months in August 2010.

He was set to be released on licence last year before police charged him with the pornography offences.