July 1998

TV man took child porn off Internet

TV repair man Michael Wines, who pleaded guilty to downloading child pornography material from the Internet, told the Oxford Mail: “I’m not a paedophile”.

Wines, 41, formerly of Ravenscroft, Langley Village, Bicester, but now living in Graham Street, Swindon, pleaded guilty to six counts of possessing indecent ‘pseudo’ photographs of children.

Bicester CID officers had raided the computer expert’s home on April 30 last year and confiscated his computer.

Although not mentioned in court, Bicester CID sources told the Oxford Mail, that more than 150 pornographic pictures of children, as young as six years old to 14 years old, were retrieved.

Wines pleaded guilty at Bicester magistrates court(Thursday) to six specimen charges brought against him.

Prosecuting, Bill White told the court that CID officers, together with a computer expert, had examined the computer images on the hard disk.

He said: “The computer contained a second hard disk. It contained child pornographic material. “The second hard disk was turned off and would not have been apparent to someone who was unaware of its existence.”

A print out was made of the files stored on the computer as well as the sites that were visited on the Internet.

Wines’s computer was brought into court and the magistrates were shown the six images. Each time, Wines shook his head and looked away.

Mr White said Wines claimed the images were downloaded by his lodger although no trace of this lodger has ever been found., adding: “They were downloaded with Wines’s consent.”

James Cox, defending, urged the magistrates to adjourn the case for pre-sentence reports.

He said: “The question has to be asked, why a man over the age of 40, should get involved in such a thing?”