Victor Miller was a homosexual who had previously served a seven year sentence in 1980 for kidnapping a 13 year old boy. In 1988 after an argument with his gay lover he went out and murdered 14 year old Stuart Gough who he eventually killed with a rock and left buried beneath some leaves. Its not clear if his flatmate was his lover, but Trevor Peacher later recieved a 3 year prison sentence for providing Victor Miller with a false alibi.

Victor Miller was a computer operator who lived in Wolverhampton with Trevor Peacher who was a convicted child molester. They lived in Pennfields, Wolverhampton in a maisonette where they had been for two years.

Victor Millerwas caught mainly because of a chain of events including a failed abduction of an 18 year old Richard Holden, a cyclist, the day before who had fended off Victor Miller. Victor Miller had held a knife to Holdens throat and partially stripped him but he kicked Miller in the groin and fled. Later Anthony Dingley was asked for directions to Birmingham by Victor Miller who was noted to be driving a silver Datsun Sunny car but became suspicious when Miller kept driving back and circling four times and he hid from Miller. Four hours later Miller assaulted a 25 year old woman walking her dog in Hagley.

The following morning Miller murdered Stuart Gough, but it was the previous events that allowed police to narrow down the search to Victor Miller and even though his flatmate (lover?) gave him an alibi he confessed to the murder. Miller then directed police to a drainage culvert in Bromsberrow, near Ledbury, close to the M50 where Stuarts partially clothed body was found.

Victor Miller, 51, assaulted and killed Stuart Gough, 14.

A predator who abducted, sexually assaulted and battered to death a 14-year-old boy from Hagley in Worcestershire. He confessed after being arrested for an unrelated crime and led detectives to the body. Police later revealed they believed Miller was responsible for almost 30 unsolved sexual assaults.

In court, he confessed openly to the killing and asked for the maximum sentence available. Although he was set a tariff of 25 years which was reactivated after the November 2002 law lords’ ruling, meaning he could be considered for release in 2013, Miller has asked the Home Office not to consider him for release at any point in the future, and therefore actively wishes to die in prison.

Miller’s trial judge had also expressed doubt as to whether it would be safe for him ever to be released.