January 2011

Child-porn dealers jailed

TWO Sunderland men have been jailed after they admitted dealing in child pornography over the internet.

Newcastle Crown Court was told that Darren Robertson and Mehran Nefari each owned computers containing hundreds of indecent photographs and video clips of children being sexually abused.

The equipment, built by Robertson, was so sophisticated that police applied to the court to keep it, rather than have it destroyed, as officers thought it would help them in future inquiries. All the images were destroyed.

Robertson, 27, of Ramsey Square, Red House, admitted six charges of distributing indecent photographs of children and two charges of possessing indecent photographs.

Nefari, 23, of Capetown Road, Hylton Castle, admitted advertising for sale indecent photographs of children and charges of possessing indecent photographs.

The court heard that the homes of the two men were raided after police in London monitored an offshore internet server which was known to be used for the distribution of indecent material.

The hi-tech trail led to Sunderland, and detectives found 772 indecent images of children on Robertson’s computer and 105 video clips. Nefari had 1,431 images and 324 video clips.

Robert Woodcock, prosecuting, told the court that Robertson had devised a complicated computer programme which allowed other people to download the images and in return the pair would receive credit for internet use.

Defence lawyers said both men had no interest in child pornography and had merely dealt in it to get the internet credit.

Jailing each for 18 months, Judge Richard Lowden said: “I am told you had no interest in paedophilia, but you both had large libraries of it.

“You traded this material for profit, albeit not a great profit, and in doing so you encouraged your paedophile customers in their warped pursuits.”