May 2016

Man found with ‘stomach-churning’ child abuse images at his Caernarfon home jailed for two years


A MAN who had “stomach-churning” child sexual abuse images when police raided his Caernarfon home was jailed for two years. 

The town’s crown court heard that in 2008 Llewelyn Buckland, aged 42, of Llys Buddug, had been imprisoned for similar offences and issued with a sexual offences prevention order. 

Prosecutor Ryan Rothwell said last month, following intelligence, police went to the defendant’s home and a computer, and notes with email addresses and names of various websites, were discovered. 

Police also found more than 3,000 indecent and prohibited images. 

Buckland claimed he couldn’t help himself because of an “uncontrollable force” and that he had attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. 

Matthew Curtis, defending, said Buckland’s partner and mother were in court. 

He had pleaded guilty to child porn offences and breaching a sexual harm prevention order. 

Judge Rhys Rowlands made an indefinite sexual harm prevention order. He told Buckland that in 2008 the crown court made a similar order to address his “depravity” and try to stop further offending. 

But on three previous occasions the defendant had breached the order. “You are either unable or unwilling to comply with its terms,” Judge Rowlands remarked. “Viewing indecent images of young children is far from being victimless.” 

The judge said Buckland had refused to allow police into his home for 90 minutes and “unbelievably” suggested he wasn’t sexually attracted to young children. 

The grotesque images were stomach-churning, Judge Rowlands added. 

Investigating officer, DC Morgan Thomas from POLIT, (Paedophile On-line Investigation Team) said: “Criminality is robustly and positively investigated by North Wales Police. POLIT along with the Digital Forensic Unit (DFU) are dedicated, specialist teams who are assigned to dealing with this type of crime. 

“This should act as a caution to people who download indecent images of children that North Wales Police are actively monitoring them. 

“This is not a victimless crime, it has to be remembered that every such image is that of a child being abused, and every acquisition of them via the Internet simply encourages their continued existence and supply.” 

December 2011

Ex-fireman breaches sex order

A PERVERT ex-fireman who downloaded internet child porn on a mobile phone had hidden his past after forming a relationship with a mum, a court heard yesterday.

Llewelyn Buckland, 38, of Chapel Street, Caernarfon, was jailed for 16 months at the town’s crown court. He admitted having indecent images and breaching a sexual offences prevention order.

He had been jailed in 2008 over child abuse images.

Yesterday Judge Niclas Parry told him: “As recently as 2008 you received a substantial custodial sentence for serious offences involving very young children and some of the worst abuse imaginable. You were made subject of a sexual offences prevention order. You have defiantly breached that order. ”

The judge said Buckland failed to notify social services about his relationship with a woman who had a child. “You fail to recognise you are a risk to children.”

Dec 2008

Man jailed for downloading 9,000 indecent images

A former retained fire fighter from Aldington has pleaded guilty to possessing more than 9,000 indecent images of children, some of them of the most serious nature.

Llewelyn George Buckland, 35, of Celak Close, Aldington appeared before Maidstone Crown Court on Monday and was sentenced to two years imprisonment.

Buckland pleaded guilty to making and possessing indecent images of children on November 17.

Following investigations into people buying child abuse images carried out by Metropolitan Police, information was passed to Kent Police who carried out further inquiries into Buckland.

Officers quickly established Buckland had in his possession over 9,335 indecent images of children ranging from level 1 to level 5, level 5 being the most serious depicting sadism or bestiality with children.

Head of Kent Police’s public protection unit, Det Supt Paul Fotheringham said: “He has compiled a sickening collection of images of children suffering real abuse.”

Buckland had 5,115 level 1 pictures, 1,191 level 2, 1,666 level 3, 1,310 level 4

and 53 of the most serious nature: level 5.

The court heard how Buckland has continued to view indecent images whilst on bail.

Kent Police’s DC James Traynor said: “I’m pleased this has been reflected in his sentencing.”

A spokesman for Kent Fire and Rescue Service said: “Kent Fire and Rescue Service treats the conduct of its staff very seriously and, following a Kent Police investigation and prior to the court case, Mr Buckland resigned from the service.”

Det Supt Fotheringham said: “I’m pleased that Kent Police’s public protection unit has once again removed a serious offender from Kent’s community and put him before the courts to receive just punishment.”