January 2011

Sneinton man who raped six-year-old child wrote about his fantasies

A PAEDOPHILE has been locked up indefinitely to protect the public after he repeatedly raped a young girl.

Frederick Jackson wrote about his sickening obsession with the child in notebooks that were seized by police, Nottingham Crown Court was told.

He pleaded guilty to six charges of rape and one charge of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity after he sent a text message to another girl.

The court heard how he first raped the child when she was six years old, and the attacks went on until she was 11.

He was arrested in August last year, charged with rape and bailed.

Police seized notebooks in which he described scenes of rape.

Later that month he sent a sexually explicit and offensive text message to a 12-year-old.

Police went back to Jackson’s home and seized more jotters and notebooks, which revealed he had been writing about the rape victim.

Judge Michael Stokes QC said it was an “absolutely appalling” series of offences.

He said Jackson was in a “category of his own”.

Of the victim, the judge told him: “You corrupted her. You used her. The damage you have done to that child is probably incalculable.

“And what is of great concern in your case is what the police found when they searched your accommodation, handwritten fantasies, you imagining raping this girl and others.

“Whilst on bail for these allegations of rape, for at that stage you were protesting your innocence, you sent a disgusting text message to another young woman.”

Jackson, 37, of Ladysmith Street, Sneinton, will serve a minimum of nine years before the parole board will consider his release.

If he is freed, it will be on a life licence.

If the judge had given him a determinate sentence, he would have been locked up for 18 years but possibly able to apply for parole earlier.

Jackson will be subject to a sex offender prevention order and on the sex offenders’ register when he is released.

The court was told in mitigation that Jackson had pleaded guilty last November, and through reports prepared on him he had demonstrated his remorse and regret.