September 2002

FORMER Tory Councillor guilty of child abuse

FORMER Tory Councillor Louise Burrows failed to convince Doncaster Magistrates that she was acting in self-defence when she was found guilty of attacking three children with a whip after a window in her house had been smashed.

A 13-year-old boy was left with bruising to his left leg after being hit three times; a nine-year-old boy was hit twice and a 12-year-old girl was slapped as she attempted to ride off on her bicycle. The magistrate gave Burrows a six-month community rehabilitation order and ordered her to pay compensation of £75 each to both boys, plus costs of £300.

Unabashed, Burrows – who was accompanied by her partner, Labour Councillor Keith Coulton – announced that she supports government policy on anti-social behaviour and has applied to join Doncaster Labour Party. With a criminal record and the brass neck of a giraffe, she should fit in well.