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October 2013

Paedo jailed after being spotted by the Echo at children’s karate class in Luncies Road, Pitsea


A paedophile who was exposed by the Echo for breaching an order banning him from getting close to children has been jailed for seven months.

Timothy Edmeades, 38, was pictured grinning as he watched a Maru Karate Kai class perform in Luncies Road, Pitsea, as part of his voluntary work with the Basildon Heritage Club last year.

Despite being part of the organisation, which is based at Wat TylerCountry Park in Pitsea, for two years, no one knew he had been jailed in 2008 for grooming and sexually assaulting two boyswhile he was a Scout leader.

Edmeades, formerly of West Road, South Ockendon, who now lives in Bungay, Suffolk, was banned from having any contact with children as part of a Sexual Offences Prevention Order.

When police raided his house last September they discovered he had further breached it by buying a laptop since his release from jail in 2010 which contained photographs of children taken at Basildon Heritage Club events.

Matthew Bone, mitigating for Edmeades, said: “Basildon Heritage Club is not an organisation which is particularly attractive for children.

“Mr Edmeades was there to get back into the workplace and improve his future employments prospects.

It’s clear he had contact with children, which their parents would never have allowed if they knew the truth about his past, but it wasn’t his aim to gain access to children.”

Further searches of the laptop, which was kept in Edmeades bedroom, showed he had sent a friend request to a 13 year-old boy he met at an Olympic celebration in Wickford.

During an appearance at Basildon Crown Court yesterday, Judge Jonathan Black sentenced Edmeades to seven months in prison after he admitted three breaches of the order.

A new order, which will run until 2023, was also issued.

Addressing Edmeades, Judge Black said: “You were made subject to a sexual offences prevention order for sexual assaults on children and having indecent images of them.

“You must have known there was a risk of you being involved with children through your voluntary work but you still continued to take that risk. You are in denial about the risk you pose to young children and for that reason there are no community based alternatives acceptable to me.”

August 2013

Karate club paedophile faces prison

A paedophile, exposed by the Echo for getting close to children at a karate class, is set to be sent to prison.

Timothy Edmeades, 38, appeared at Basildon Crown Court yesterday and admitted breaching a sexual offences order.

Edmeades was pictured by the Echo grinning as he watched a performance from Maru Karate Kai last September, after gaining a voluntary role with Basildon Heritage Club.

Yet no-one knew he had been convicted of grooming and sexually assaulting two boys aged nine and ten in 2008 and was banned from working with children.

Addressing Edmeades after he had admitted three breaches of his Sexual Offences Prevention Order, Judge Jonathan Black said: “You should be aware that this matter crosses the custody threshold and you should expect a custodial sentence when you return to the court.”

Edmeades, formerly, of West Road, South Ockendon, who now lives in Bungay, Suffolk, was dressed casually to see his case adjourned for a pre-sentence report.

He was arrested last September after being spotted lurking and taking photos of youngsters as they put on a karate exhibition for Basildon Heritage Club, at Luncies Road, Pitsea.

Police searched his home and found he had bought a laptop since leaving jail in August 2010, which he was also banned from doing under the terms of his sexual offences order.

Officers also learnt he had sent a Facebook friend request to a 13-year-old boy he met at an Olympic celebration in Wickford.

His solicitor, Matthew Bone, said: “This is a man who was punished in 2008, but has tried to rebuild his life and became involved in a charitable organisation.

He then came into contact with children.

“There is no suggestion of any improper conduct.

“There is just one suggestion of making a mother feel uncomfortable, but he is an otherwise hardworking and diligent man.”

May 2013

Convicted paedophile accused of repeatedly breaking court order

A CONVICTED paedophile is accused of repeatedly breaking the rules of a court order by trying to contact children.

Timothy Edmeades, 37, appeared at Basildon Magistrates Court charged with four counts of breaching a Sexual Offences Prevention Order.

He had been issued with the order in 2008 when he was jailed for 33 months after abusing his position as a Cub group leader by grooming and sexually assaulting two boys – aged nine and ten – on swimming trips.

The measure banned him from working or being along with children or owning a computer for ten years.

But he was arrested last September after he was spotted taking pictures of youngsters at an open day at the Maru Karate Kai event in Luncies Road, Pitsea.

The court heard other possible breaches took place while he did voluntary work for the Basildon Heritage Club, which, saw him attend a number of events at Wat Tyler Country Park as well as the karate club open day.

Edmeades, who used to live in West Road, South Ockendon, but has since moved to Bungay in Suffolk, is also accused of owning a laptop.

He is further alleged to have sent a Facebook friend request to a 13 year-old boy he met at an Olympic celebration in Wickford.

Magistrates do not have sentencing powers to deal with such offences, so Edmeades will be sent to Basildon Crown Court to enter a plea

September 2012

Convicted paedophile caught lurking at kids’ karate club

A PAEDOPHILE who sexually assaulted two young boys has been caught again after he was spotted taking pictures of children at a karate club open day.

Timothy Edmeades, 37, mingled with the likes of Basildon mayor Mo Larkin and MP Stephen Metcalfe at the Maru Karate Kai Club open day in Luncies Road, Pitsea in imnages captured by the Echo.

He was at the event in his role working as a volunteer for the Basildon Heritage Club and has been at several other events in the borough where children have been present.

Edmeades was jailed in 2008 for sexually assaulting and grooming two young boys. He was also banned from being alone with or working alongside children

June 2008

Scout leader paedophile jailed

A paedophile who abused two boys and had scores of child sexual abuse pictures on his computer has been caged.

Timothy Edmeades, 33, Labour Party super activist and events organiser to Labour Lord Mayor abused his position of trust when he sexually assaulted the two children on swimming trips, a court heard.

Edmeades had befriended the boys aged 9 and ten and then tried to discredit them after they complained of the abuse.

The Cub group helper groomed the two schoolboys, who cannot be named for legal reasons, before sexually assaulting them.

The hearing on Friday at Southend Crown Court was delayed after Edmeades was assaulted in the toilets of the court.

Edmeades of West Road, South Ockendon was caged for 33 months.

He was banned from working or being alone with children and possessing a computer for 10 years. He will also be on the sex offenders register for life.