September 2009

GRAVESEND: Rape trio jailed for more than 30 years

Left to right: Salah Uddin, Koyeas Miah, Kamal Hussain

THREE men have been given a combined prison sentence of more than 30 years for subjecting a teenage girl to a “petrifying” rape.

The 16-year-old was raped at a friend’s flat in Gravesend in March last year.

Kamal Hussain, 22 and Koyeas Miah, 23, were each given 11-year prison sentences for two counts of rape to be served concurrently.

They were sentenced on Friday (Sept 25) at Maidstone Crown Court after they were convicted following a trial in July.

Salah Uddin, 22, who was described as “the principal perpetrator” was sentenced to eight-and-a-half years in jail after he had earlier pleaded guilty to one count of rape.

The court heard how Uddin and Miah raped the girl over a 15-minute period while Hussain, who did not have any sexual contact with the girl, stood with a chair by the door blocking any way of escape.

Judge Philip St John-Stevens said: “It’s clear each of you played your part in subjecting a young girl of just 16 years of age to an appalling and degrading ordeal that has had a profound effect on her and may live with her for many years.

“The three of you acted together in a way a pack of animals could not.

“She described how she tried to push you off and pleaded with you not to continue.

“She said she felt someone else holding her hands preventing her from moving.”

He added: “It must have been petrifying with you three men there.

“Her age is an aggravating feature, she was just 16, a young and vulnerable girl.”

The court heard how while in prison, father-of-one Uddin, of Tarling Street, Whitechapel, was stabbed and father-of-one Miah, of Thorold Road, Ilford, suffered substantial burns when he was attacked with boiling water.

Raana Sheikh, mitigating for Hussain, of Second Avenue, Manor Park, said although this attack was “a joint enterprise”, he did not have any physical contact with the victim.

She told the court that while in prison he had contemplated suicide.