April 2012

Shocking increase in sex crimes against children in Staffordshire

NEARLY 2,000 sex crimes against children have been reported to police in the county in just four years.

And new figures show the number of offences against boys and girls is on the increase.

Staffordshire Police dealt with 578 alleged sex crimes during the last year calendar year, compared to just 370 in 2010; 587 in 2009; and 458 in 2008.

The crimes include rape, incest and abuse of children through prostitution and pornography.

Alarmingly, last year 154 victims were aged under 10, and a further 421 were reported against youngsters aged 10 to 17.

And of the 578 total, 479 of the victims were girls.

And the statistics place Staffordshire 10th out of 43 police forces in England and Wales.

Last year, Derbyshire reported 549 sex crimes against children, Cheshire 274 and West Mercia 449.