May 2011

 “Evil” paedophile jailed after grooming and attacking girl

AN “evil” Suffolk predator has been jailed after he groomed a vulnerable girl before subjecting her to a degrading and domineering sex assault

Kyle Gibbons, of Rowarth Avenue, Kesgrave, was imprisoned for five years after Northampton Crown Court heard he manipulated his 14-year-old victim over the internet with sexually explicit suggestions.

Gibbons had made contact with her through a chatroom for teenagers and also sent the girl hundreds of MSN messages.

After the 23-year-old was jailed, Detective Constable Stacey Hill, of Northamptonshire Police’s child abuse investigation unit, said: “I’m very happy with the sentencing of this evil man who acted intentionally and in a predatory manner to take advantage of a young and vulnerable girl.

“I hope this brings some closure for the victim and I’d like to praise her for the bravery she has shown in co-operating with the police and bringing this man to justice.”

During Gibbons’ sentencing Matthew Lowe, prosecuting, described the victim, who lives in a village near Northampton, as more vulnerable than most girls her age.

He said: “The prosecution would summarise the messages in this way – the defendant was describing carrying out rough, aggressive and domineering behaviour toward her, what might be described as degrading.

“One thing the Crown says emerges from these conversations is the defendant displaying the unhealthy attitude he seems to have towards girls, women but also to sexual matters – worryingly unhealthy.”

The court heard Gibbons arranged to meet the girl on September 27 and travelled from Ipswich to Northampton and collected her from home.

After driving into the countryside, he initiated sex with her which became violent and domineering.

Mr Lowe said: “He went on to engage with her exactly the sort of activity he had described in many of the MSN messages – that is sexual activity which became increasingly aggressive, rough and domineering.”

The court heard the attack was discovered when the girl confided in a school nurse and a medical examination confirmed the injuries she suffered.

Judge Christopher Metcalf told Gibbons: “She was 14 at the time, intelligent, but an emotionally fragile girl who was demonstrating disturbed behaviour, therefore rather more vulnerable than what is normal for a 14-year-old.

“You indicated you find young girls more eager to please in these messages, but you took it further and transformed these fantasies into actions.”

Gibbons, was originally charged with rape, but pleaded guilty to four charges of meeting a child following sexual grooming and sexual assault of a child.

He will also be on the Sex Offenders’ Register for life.