June 2011

Five years for paedophile who groomed girl, ten

PAEDOPHILE Mitchell Spink is today starting a five-year jail term after he admitted inciting sexual activity with a ten-year-old and sexually grooming another girl.

Spink, of Salmet Close, Ipswich, sent sexually explicit messages and a picture of his erect penis to the ten-year-old, and tried to get a 14-year-old girl to spend the night with him.

The 23-year-old had made contact with both girls separately through the MSN social message service on the internet.

The elder child’s mother called police after he picked her daughter up and told the girl they were going to stay at his home overnight.

Sentencing Spink, Judge Peter De Mille said of his pursuit of the 14-year-old: “It’s clear to me your grooming of that girl was a process committed over a period of time.

“It may be you did not intend that evening, or night, your conduct to go beyond what you said in your basis of plea, but given the grooming that had gone on before, and the way in which that behaviour was committed, it seems clear to me that in the longer term it was unlikely to stop.

“Turning to the first indictment (involving the ten-year-old), that is an extremely grave offence.

“You incited a child aged ten to engage in penetrative activity. What you did on three separate occasions, through MSN, began a process of grooming that child, ending with the most explicit remarks made by you.

“You did not just make those sexually explicit remarks and suggestions, but you also sent her photographs of what was said to be your erect penis.”

The court heard Spink had been assessed by experts before sentencing and had tried to deflect some blame on to the girls

Judge De Mille said: “What remains clear from all those reports is that you still don’t accept full responsibility for those acts.”

Earlier, prosecutor Michael Crimp said the incidents involving the ten-year-old took place between August 14 and 31, 2009.

During their chats, Spink asked if she would meet up, but the girl said she knew her mother would not allow it.

Spink began contacting the 14-year-old around the end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009.

They exchanged mobile numbers and he eventually picked her up in his car, took her to a car park and tried to kiss her.

When she refused his advances he began asking her questions of a sexual nature, the court heard.

Later, she lied to her mother at Spink’s suggestion and went out in the car again.

However, she became concerned when he started driving towards Ipswich.

Mr Crimp then said Spink told the girl they were staying at his home overnight.