May 2012

Girl groomed by paedophile

A PAEDOPHILE who groomed a 13-yearold girl for sex has been jailed for 18 weeks.

Predator Ommar Zafar, 29, befriended the girl online and sexually assaulted her after trying to ply her with alcohol while she was home alone.

The girl was rescued when her mother returned during the ordeal, but Zafar branded his victim a liar and claimed he had been set up.

The girl’s mother told the Mail: “I absolutely hate the man for what he has done to us. It was degrading because he was telling the whole of Burton we were liars.

“Who at his age would be interested in a 13- year-old girl? It is sick.”

Zafar, of St Paul’s Street West, Shobnall, began speaking to the girl on social networking website Facebook but later began sending ‘flirtatious’ messages to her mobile phone.

The victim, now 15, secretly invited Zafar to her Horninglow home one night in March last year.

Stafford Crown Court heard Zafar arrived at the house with bottles of alcohol, which he tried to make the teen drink.

Alex Barnfield, prosecuting, said Zafar then pinned the girl down and sexually assaulted her.

Mr Barnfield told the court: “He touched her on the stomach, moving his hand so it brushed the underside of her breast.

“She made it plain these advances were not welcome.”

The girl, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, made an excuse to leave the room and sent a text message to her mother.

When the mother arrived at the house there was a ‘heated discussion’ and Zafar fled.

The mother said: “My daughter had been talking to him for a few weeks without anyone’s knowledge.

“When he did what he did, she screamed and screamed but he acted like nothing had happened.

“She went through this ordeal just a week before her 14th birthday.” The girl’s mother said she felt particular resentment because Zafar had tried to lie his way out of the courtroom.

“My daughter thought she would have to speak in court,” the mother said.

“This was a horrible experience. She had always done well at school but her attendance at one point went down to 42 per cent because of this experience.”

The mother also chillingly revealed Zafar, who was acquainted with his victim’s family, had previously referred to the girl and her older sister as ‘beautiful’ in conversation.

“I thought it was just something people said,” the mother told the Mail.

“I had no idea what his intention was.”

‘You tried to save your own skin’

CHILD groomer Ommar Zafar ‘took advantage of a young, immature girl’, the judge who jailed him said.

Judge Paul Glenn, sitting at Stafford Crown Court, said Zafar spent more than a year denying his crime and only pleaded guilty on April 2.

Judge Glenn told Zafar: “Your victim was only 13. She had told you on this very day she thought you were too old for her. This was premeditated, you knew she was baby-sitting, no-one else would be at home.

“Your immediate reaction when confronted was to try to persuade her to lie. You were trying to save your own skin when you claimed you had been ‘set up’ and she was fabricating her account.

“You were taking advantage of a young, immature girl.”

In a victim impact statement, the girl said she hoped the case would be published in the Burton Mail so people would know she was telling the truth.

“I want everyone to know I wasn’t lying,” she said.

Steve Hennessy, defending, said: “He should have exercised greater discretion than going round there and being alone with the girl. His first mistake was the exchanging of text messages.

“This is a case that involved momentary contact. It was stopped at her instigation.

He regards his own conduct as disgusting.

His life is pretty much in tatters.”

Detective Inspector Lisa Cumberbatch, of Staffordshire Police’s protecting vulnerable people department, which brought Zafar to court, said: “We take all reports of sexual assault and abuse very seriously and we are determined to bring offenders to justice.”