August 2018: NOW living in Ipswich – 75 Metres from a primary school. Cox has now changed his name by deed poll, and is in a relationship with a woman who is aware of his past

June 2007

Web paedo is ‘Son of Satan’

A sex beast calling himself Son of God orchestrated the worldwide rape and abuse of children live on the internet — from his bedroom at the family farmhouse.

Evil Timothy Cox, 27 — jailed for a paltry four years & eight months — ran a sick chatroom used by 700 paedophiles in 35 countries.

Perverts regularly broadcast horrific images of children — including BABIES — being tortured and raped.

Most of the victims identified were British.

Chief investigator Jim Gamble said chillingly: This group of predators were able to go online and view a child being raped as it actually happened.

They were not just sharing historical videos or images but looking at a child being brought into a room and then brutalised.

Mr Gamble, chief executive of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre, said of the victims: These children ranged from the very, very young — babies — right up to those who were in their early teens.

Cops alerted by Canadian police tracked the chatroom to a farmhouse in Buxhall, Suffolk, where Cox lived with his parents, sister and 26-year-old girlfriend.

On his computers were more than 76,000 vile images, including more than 1,000 harrowing films.

The pervert was arrested — but police kept the chatroom called Kids The Light Of Our Lives running for 11 days to snare hundreds of others.

Thirty-one children were rescued from abuse — the youngest just months old. Most were taken into care.

Cox was inspired by American chatroom paedophile Royal Raymond Weller, who called himself G.O.D.

When Weller was arrested last year, Cox resurrected his chatroom, calling himself Son of God.

He admitted child sexual abuse images offences and was given an indeterminate sentence — but with an effective tariff of just four years eight months.

After his time spent on remand he will be able to apply for parole in less than two years.

Prosecutor Simon Spence told Ipswich Crown Court how Cox, who worked for his familys microbrewery, spent hours each day in his bedroom — planning, promoting and encouraging the abuse and exploitation of innocent young victims.

His empire of evil was so vast he had nine online administrators helping to run the chatroom. Mr Spence said: Given the time he spent in the chatroom, his involvement must have been all-consuming and can only be described as an obsession.

Investigator Mr Gamble stressed NO child porn was exchanged while his undercover team ran the chatroom.

Judge Peter Thompson branded Cox a significant risk to the public who would have got seven years had he not pleaded guilty.

Within months of the chatroom being shut down one of Coxs twisted lieutenants RELAUNCHED it.

The investigation uncovered another member of the same ring, Gordon Mackintosh from Hertfordshire, who attempted to keep the website going after Cox was arrested.

Mackintosh, 33, used the names “silentblackheart” and “lust4skoolgurls”. More than 5,000 images were found on his computer as well as 392 indecent movie files.

He was also jailed for an indefinite period