October 2005

Paedophile is back in prison


A DANGEROUS paedophile was back in jail today after he had gone on the run.

Michael Andrew Wilson, 44, who has five convictions for sex offences against boys since 1983, was released from his latest prison sentence last Friday — only to go missing from his Blackburn home on Monday.

But he was caught yesterday afternoon in Kirkham after being spotted following a media appeal.

A police spokesman said: “As he was on licence at the time of his disappearance, he will be returned to prison.”

Today, a probation boss admitted the hunt for Wilson was “closing the stable door after the horse had bolted”.

Colin Dearden, deputy chief probation officer for Lancashire, said there had been no way to stop Wilson being released from prison as he had served his time.

Today MPs said that they were very worried that such a “serial sex offender” had been allowed back into the community and urged the authorities to “throw the book at him.”

Wilson, previously described by a judge as of “ultra high risk to children”, “psycho- pathically disordered” and a “systematic paedophile”, was released from prison on licence after serving half of a four-and-a-half year sentence, the amount when eligible for release.

Being on licence meant he had to abide by a number of conditions, such as an 11pm curfew, or face being sent back to jail to finish the rest of his sentence.

Because of his history, Wilson is subjected to high-level police and probation service monitoring whenever he is out of prison in a bid to protect the public.

Mr Dearden said as part of this Wilson was escorted from prison to his Blackburn address by police and Probation Service on Friday and was monitored over the weekend, before he went missing.

He added: “On the basis of that I asked the Home Office to revoke his prison licence which has now been done.

“I can understand that people may think he should not be in the community but he has served his time and had to be released.

I understand that is bolting the stable door after the horse has gone but if we had not monitored him we would not know he had gone.

Wilson has been jailed twice in the past seven years for breaking the terms of a sex offender order.

He is not allowed to approach anyone aged under 18 without written police authority.

In 1999 he left his Accrington bail hostel unsupervised, caught a train to Preston and approached a boy.

Hyndburn MP Greg Pope said: “This is obviously very worrying.

“They obviously need to think what they do with serial sex offenders like this but at the moment they need to throw the book at him.”

Pendle MP Gordon Prentice said: “It goes without saying he must be put back behind bars”

January 2003

Paedophile is jailed for talking to toddler’s mother

PAEDOPHILE Michael Wilson has been jailed for four and a half years for talking to the MOTHER of a two-year-old girl in Lancaster.

The 41-year-old loner asked the woman how the toddler was when they passed on the cycletrack near the Millennium Bridge last October.

That was enough to land Wilson in Preston Crown Court on Monday.

Judge David Boulton also gave him another four and a half years – to run concurrently with the first – for talking to a 15-year-old girl and her nine-year-old brother.

When he emerges from jail, Wilson will also face an extended three-year period of licence, which will seek to further control his contacts with children.

Judge Boulton told him: “These are serious breaches.

“Children have to be protected from you. You remain at the moment an ultra-high risk to children.”

The court heard that Wilson was made subject of a Sex Offender Order in 1999 because of his record.

It required that he should have no contact with children under 18.

For breaching that order he had already served a three-year jail term.

At the end of that sentence he relocated to Morecambe last year.

In talking to the two-year-old’s mum, he technically breached the order again, the court heard.

Prosecutor Mr Duncan Birrell said Wilson asked the woman how the girl was.

Although speaking to the woman, his eyes never left the child.

Shortly afterwards he turned his attention to the other children in a separate incident and asked if they were by themselves.

He was telling them to “be careful”.

The conversation was an “unsettling experience” for the girl, Mr Birrell added.

Miss Maisie Burke, for Wilson, said he lived an isolated lifestyle and had drink problems.

He did not intend to harm the children. He realised he needed help.

Wilson had been released from prison on September 24.

Police were, however, keeping a watch on his activities.

He admitted the two Lancaster breaches of the order on October 9 when he appeared in Preston.

“We would like to impress that he was not just allowed to wander the streets,” said one detective. “We had engaged with him.

“We knew he was coming out. We were watching.”

Wilson’s previous convictions included offences against young children and the rape of a cellmate while in prison.

“When he was in drink it would have been very threatening for young children to be spoken to by him,” the detective added.

“He lived an itinerant lifestyle and drink played a big part. He had been drinking on the day of these incidents.”

The judge said the long sentence meant he should be able to get treatment and help.

September 1999

‘High risk’ sex offender recaptured

Police have recaptured a man described as an “ultra high-risk child sex offender” after he jumped bail.

Michael Wilson, 38, originally from Halifax, West Yorkshire, disappeared after boarding a train for Liverpool in Accrington, Lancashire, on Monday.

He was being sent to a Merseyside bail hostel before sentencing for burglary and for being drunk and disorderly, but did not turn up at his destination.

There were unconfirmed sightings of him in Manchester, Liverpool and the Wirral but he was finally recaptured on Thursday in Blackpool.

Wilson had been placed under a five-year court order not to talk to anyone under 18.

‘Danger to young males’

When he went missing his picture was distributed to education directors in Merseyside and schools and playgroups in Lancashire, and his details were circulated to all police forces in the UK.

The arrest is believed to have taken place after a member of the public recognised the man and alerted police.

Detective Superintendent Julieann Wallace-Jones, who led the search, said: “We had an excellent response to the appeal for sightings.”

Lancashire Police said they had taken the unusual step of naming Wilson as they believed he was a danger to young males.

Detective Inspector Tony Harling said: “He is an ultra-high risk sex offender with numerous previous convictions against young males.”

Wilson has convictions for sex offences against boys, including gross indecency with a child and indecent assault.

Southport Magistrates have ordered him not to talk to anyone under 18 for five years. If he wants to speak to any child he needs permission from a chief constable.

‘Suspected of associating with children’

He is also banned from school grounds and children’s homes.

Det Supt Julieanne Wallace-Jones, of Merseyside Police, said: “He committed an offence of burglary at a derelict school and we received intelligence that he was associating with children.”

Wilson had been transferred to a bail hostel in Lancashire for his own protection after other inmates at his Merseyside hostel saw a national newspaper article.

Because he was co-operating with police and probation, he was allowed to travel freely.