Febuary 2005

Childminder jailed for baby death

A childminder has been jailed for three years after being found guilty of killing a four-month-old baby.

Rebecca Wilson, 33, of Willow Close, Bolton, had denied shaking Anil Joshi to death on 8 January 2003.

A jury at Liverpool Crown Court found Wilson guilty of manslaughter on Tuesday but cleared her of causing actual bodily harm.

Anil died after spending three days on a hospital ventilator after Wilson shook him violently.

His father Vijay, 41, had told the court he had been a fool to have total trust in the childminder.

The prosecution said Wilson had become frustrated with Anil and lost control.

Mr Joshi thanked all who had brought Wilson to justice and said: ” Rebecca Wilson is callous, calculating and ruthless.

“We trusted her and she has ruined our lives. We feel she has played the system.

“Nothing will ever bring our little baby boy back, but at least with today’s conclusion we can close this chapter by being able to bury our son and try to move on.

“After two years we can finally lay Anil to rest.”

Det Ch Insp John Piekos, who led the investigation, added: “Wilson was trained and knew her roles and responsibilities within childcare.

“I hope this will now help Mr and Mrs Joshi to rebuild their lives following the tragic death of their son.”