November 2002

Pervert DJ is jailed for child pornography

A RADIO presenter who swapped sickening child pornography with other paedophiles on his home computer was today given a three-year extended sentence.

Edinburgh DJ William Gordon, 46, is to serve two years in prison with another year on licence following his release.

The openly gay broadcaster was caught with 718 horrific computer images of children engaged in sex acts at his High Street home. A police investigation was triggered after he accidentally left several image print-outs in a folder he used to present a radio show for ScotFM at the Edinburgh Festival two years ago.

The freelance DJ, who has also presented arts shows for Radio Forth and Kingdom FM, tried to blame his long-term boyfriend Sean Kelly for the indecent material but was found guilty of possessing and distributing it himself by a jury at Edinburgh Sheriff Court earlier this month.

Doctors examining the pictures said some of the youngsters “demonstrated distress and injuries typical of acute and chronic sex abuse”.

Sheriff James Farrell, who had already ordered Gordon to register as a sex offender, said today: “The only appropriate sentence must deter the demand that creates the supply of these pornographic photographs involving the abuse of children.

“It is not your depraved sexual interest in children which has resulted in this sentence. Such depravity in itself is not a crime no matter how distasteful most people find it. You are being sentenced because of the steps you took to gratify your interest.”

The police launched an investigation after Gordon mistakenly left eight disturbing shots of youngsters in sex poses within a folder used as a backing board by ScotFM during the Perrier Awards ceremony for the best comedians of the Fringe.

Hours after the live broadcast from Edinburgh University’s student union a cleaner found the clipboard and handed it over to the police. Officers raided Gordon’s High Street flat and found some of the original images still on his home computer among stacks of other nauseating material scattered throughout different files including a recycle bin.

They also uncovered a computer e-mail reading: “I would like to join Boy Love. I have pictures to post but I have to see how hard core your pictures are first – I would not like to offend anyone”.

Another read: “Most of my stuff is young guys, mainly very hard core. I am reticent to post it on the site in case of intruders”.

A third offered to send snaps of young boys “slipped in among adult pornography” in a bid to hide it. Next to Gordon’s keyboard were notes listing internet addresses such as “Boys doing boys”, “Boy sex” and “Daddy’s boy”.

Meanwhile his video collection showed shots of him having sex with a 24-year-old man called Michael and Mr Kelly having sex with another man. The separated father-of-two incriminated both his boyfriend and Napier University lecturer Alberto Di Salvo, 29, who once helped him set up a computer utility.

“I am a father of two kids, I find these indecent images repulsive and sickening,” he had claimed during a weeklong trial.

The part-time broadcaster, who resigned from an 18-year job as a drugs company sales manager following his arrest, denied knowing anything about the child pornography even after his conviction.

Gordon’s former radio work, which spanned almost ten years, focused on shows about the theatre, films, arts, music and celebrities. He was also a judge of the Capital’s first Alternative Miss Edinburgh competition – a beauty pageant for transvestites. Paedophiles in Scotland such as Gordon will now have to register with the police on an annual basis rather than once every five years as part of a radical overhaul of sex crime legislation announced by the Home Secretary David Blunkett this week.