November 2015: Huscroft has now been released

May 2012

Eight years for pervert who tried to blame victims

A PERVERT who claimed that sex assault allegations by two schoolgirls were a blackmail attempt has been jailed for eight years.

Hebburn man Aaron Huscroft branded his child victims “blackmailers” when they went to the police, and said they were conspiring against him.

The 40-year-old denied he was responsible for the vile attacks, but was yesterday found guilty of six sex crimes including sexual assault and inciting sexual behaviour at Newcastle Crown Court.

The jury heard the youngsters were eight when the abuse started and are still suffering the effects of their ordeals.

Katherine Dunn, prosecuting, said one of the girls’ character has changed dramatically after what happened to her. She said: “Previously she was an outgoing girl, with a variety of friends who she socialised with regularly.

“After the assault she has become withdrawn and rarely goes out alone. She now spends most of her time at home.”

Miss Dunn added that the second victim’s schooling has suffered .

She said: “She’s also fearful of bumping into the defendant.” The court heard that Huscroft continues to protest his innocence.

Julian Smith, defending, said: “There is no record of offending of this nature, or any offending at all in his history.”

Judge Roger Thorn blasted Huscroft for trying to convince the jury that the girls were lying.

He told him: “You ran the defence that it was all a conspiracy, that they were blackmailing and were thoroughly dishonest.

“That defence was disbelieved.

“You have shown no remorse whatsoever and, in the insightful report from the probation service, it is clear you have entrenched attitudes that are deep seated.”

As well as being jailed, Huscroft, of Rhyl Parade, Hebburn, was given an indefinite sexual offences prevention order to keep him away from children in the future and he must register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

Judge Thorn said the charges, which started five years ago, were “of a gross sexual nature”.

He added: “This was sustained abuse. There was not one but two victims and you started when they were as young as eight.”