Woman drops anonymity to speak against paedophile

A brave mum has waived her right to anonymity to speak of her anger at the lenient treatment her paedophile stepfather received in court.

Teresa Mallabone, 44, of Woolwich Road, Woolwich, left court in tears when Cyril Mallabone, 81, was spared jail after pleading guilty to 38 years of abusing young girls.

He lived first in Tonbridge and then moved to Charlton and later to his current home in Glyndon Road, Plumstead, until he was finally caught in 1998.

Judge Alan Hitching handed Mallabone a three-year community rehabilitation order, saying the man was now responding to treatment and is the sole carer of his housebound wife.

Mallabone admitted five specimen counts of sexual assault on four children, including Teresa and her daughter, Lisa, 23.

A further 14 charges of indecent assault and one count of rape were left to lie on file.

Holding back the tears at her home after the case, Teresa told News Shopper: “I feel sick. I’ve been treated like the criminal and he the victim. He abused me as a child and, years later, my daughter. He is slimy and cunning and has been set free to carry on abusing children.” Teresa said: “I cannot sleep any more. I have these dreams where my daughter is 11 and screaming out for me. Behind her is this monster and I’m unable to do anything to stop it.”

Lisa was just 11 years old when Mallabone sexually abused her.

“The law is a laughing stock. It sends out the message sexually abusing children is not serious.”

Mr Mallabone molested the girls in the bath, their beds and in the street from 1960 to 1998.

Psychiatrist Dr Lucy Power told the court Mallabone had an “addiction” to sex-offending but is now responding to treatment.

She said: “He doesn’t wish to harm himself but does wish he could have a heart attack. He said he would like to have his arms and legs cut off. It is some sort of expression of remorse.”

Defence counsel Wendy Fisher Gordon urged the judge to follow the probation recommendation of a community rehabilitation.

She added: “Failing that a suspended sentence would be a heavy sanction he would have to live with. If you must impose a custodial sentence you would sentence him to life imprisonment.”

Judge Hitching said: “Clearly these things have destroyed young lives, destroyed their sense of self-worth.”

But sentencing Mallabone at Blackfriars Crown Court on Monday, he said: “I take the view you were addicted and that is the view of probation service in particular.”

All four of Mr Mallabone’s victims are on anti-depressants as a result of the abuse, Teresa said.