August 2002

Child porn pictures bring five-year ban

A PERVERT who downloaded 11,500 sordid images of youngsters from the internet has been banned from making contact with children for thenext five years.

David Marklew, of Market Square, Daventry, admitted trawling the web for indecent pictures of young children, some of them babies, over a period of four years.

At Northampton Crown Court, Marklew was placed on the Sex Offenders’Register for the next five years after his activities emerged.

He was ordered not to have contact with any child for the same period and has also been banned from having anyone under the age of 18 living with him.

Police officers from Scotland Yard were contacted by American authorities who had compiled a dossier of hundreds of UK residents who had visited a string of indecent websites.

Many of the images were in the form of “pseudo-photographs”, photographs of naked children with images of men engaged in sex acts super-imposed onto them.

Moira Walsh, prosecuting, said: “Many of the pictures are images of babies. They were found stored on his personal computer and in a drawer under his bed.”

Marklew, who has a long-standing girlfriend who is continuing to support him, was forced to quit his job as a supermarket worker several weeks ago after receiving threats from colleagues.

Michael Ellis, defending, said: “He (Marklew) is a depressed, lonely man who came across these photos by accident.

“He continued to download the images and knew it was only a matter of time before he was arrested.

“He has no known paedophile links and did not gain financially out of the images. At no stage did he try to disseminate the images to others. They were purely for personal gratification.”

Recorder Patrick Upward decided that the 40-year-old defendant, who has previously attempted suicide, should not be given a custodial sentence.

Instead Recorder Upward imposed a three-year community rehabilitation order on Marklew.

He said: “If I lock you up for a year, I have no doubt you would come out and start all over again.

“I would like to emphasise that I believe this punishment to be more severe than a prison sentence.”