January 2012

Dangerous paedophile fails to get 11-year jail term cut by Court Of Appeal

A DANGEROUS paedophile, whose teenage victim was rushed to hospital after a shocking attack, has failed to win a reduction to his prison term.

Edward Dawson, aged 31, from Thorplands, Northampton, was handed an 11-year and three month sentence and ordered to serve an extra six years on licence after he admitted assault by penetration.

He was jailed at Northampton Crown Court in July last year.

He was also branded a continuing danger to children and was placed on the sex offenders’ register for life. At the time, Judge Michael Fowler told him: “You have pleaded guilty to one of the most serious offences it is possible to commit.”

Three senior judges, sitting at London’s Court of Appeal, rejected claimsthe sentence was too long, considering the “appalling injuries” he caused.

He claimed his victim was injured by accident, but medical evidence from specialist doctors and surgeons proved it had been deliberate.

Mr Justice Kenneth Parker told the court Dawson’s attack on the young girl left her with a seven centimetre cut and needing emergency surgery.

Dawson told police the injuries were accidental, but he was charged after police found his semen on the girl’s underwear, the court heard.

As well as her injuries, the judge said Dawson’s victim was left “greatly disturbed” after the attack, and did not understand why she had been targeted.

Counsel for Dawson claimed he should have been given a shorter prison term because he had admitted the offence.

But Mr Justice Kenneth Parker, sitting with Lord Justice Pill and Mr Justice Treacy, rejected the appeal and upheld the extended sentence.

He said: “The starting point in this case was high but, by reason of the aggravating factors, it cannot be said that this sentence was manifestly excessive.”