March 2009

Paedophile seeking chemical castration

A serial paedophile who sexually abused two teenagers from Northampton is now seeking chemical castration to rid him of his “perverted interest in young boys”.

George Savage, aged 61, lured his vulnerable victims into his home by offering them the use of his computer and help with their homework, but went on to repeatedly sexually assault them.

He was jailed for five years at Northampton Crown Court after he admitted a catalogue of sexual abuse against the 12-year-old boys, as well as downloading child abuse images.

Stuart Yeung, prosecuting, said: “Matters came to light when adults, including friends of the defendant, became suspicious of the fact and frequency these boys had been visiting the defendant’s home. It was also common knowledge in the community that the defendant had a previous conviction dating back to the 1980s.”

Savage, who was convicted of three indecent assaults of a 10-year-old boy in 1982, not only repeatedly sexually abused his two victims but also took explicit pictures of them.

Mr Yeung said: “One of his victims told police he had told Savage he did not want him to do that to him again and the defendant told him ‘Why? I enjoy it.”

Judge Thomas Corrie sentenced him to four years and three months’ imprisonment for the offences against the two boys with a further nine months consecutive for downloading child porn.

Passing sentence, the judge told Savage he had an “unhealthy and perverted interest in young boys” having taken advantage and coerced particularly vulnerable youngsters.

He added: “There is no question that you knew you had these urges and have tried to control them since the 1980s but you failed.

“I am told you are actively exploring with the prison psychiatrist the element of chemical castration.

I accept you do have some insight into the dangers you pose to young boys and that you have more apparent intention than most offenders of your type do in trying to get the necessary help to do something about it.

I have no doubt you pose a high risk to young boys.”

Matthew Lowe, mitigating, said Savage had been sexually abused as a child while in care and was now “completely and utterly disgusted with himself”.

He added: “He is now exploring chemical castration and is anxious do to it as soon as possible. That will drastically reduce, if not eliminate, the risk of any further offending.”