November 2002

Judge tells paedophiles they will spend life in jail

Two paedophiles who abused two boys, aged eight and nine, after befriending their parents, were jailed for life yesterday. A judge said it was “inconceivable” that it would ever be safe to release them from prison.

Jeremy Wing, 61, and Brian Hogg, 60 – (pic above) who met while in prison for previous child sex offences – were described as “depraved and devious” by Judge Andrew Patience at Maidstone Crown Court.

The abuse the pair inflicted on their two young victims was so severe that the court heard that the boys were likely to suffer physical, as well as mental, injuries for the rest of their lives.

Alan Kent, prosecuting, said the pair were caught after a former police officer, who knew of Hogg’s past activities, saw him in the street with a boy. Police later raided Wing’s house near Orpington, Kent.

“It was a magnet for children, with toys, computer games, sweets, motorised go-karts, a treehouse, a kite and water guns,” said Mr Kent. Officers also found 30 hours of video tapes, including scenes of Wing and Hogg abusing the boys, and 4,000 indecent photographs.

Judge Patience said: “You are two evil and wicked men. Each of you is a depraved and devious individual and you have destroyed the innocence of two young boys. They will never forget what has happened to them. And in that respect, they have got a life sentence themselves.”

He took the unusual step of refusing to recommend a minimum term for the life sentences, adding: “I regard it as inconceivable that any future secretary of state would regard it safe to release you.”

Wing and Hogg, from  from St Peter’s Way, Ellington/Huntingdon, Cambs, had pleaded not guilty to two counts of male rape as well as to charges of making indecent photographs and of gross indecency with males under the age of 16.