October 2016

Cricket club sent convicted paedophile on boys’ tour


A paedophile jailed for four years and branded a ­“significant risk” by a judge is now a ­volunteer for a prestigious ­children’s cricket organisation.

The England and Wales Cricket Board has launched an investigation after it emerged Wasim Aslam, 40, goes on tours with kids and has even slept in the same building.

The former history teacher has changed his surname from Majid. And though his role does not involve direct contact with players, horrified parents called for him to be sacked.

Aslam is fixtures secretary for the London Schools Cricket Association, where ex-England captains Graham Gooch and Mike Gatting used to play.

He is on the Sex Offenders’ Register and was banned indefinitely from working with children after being jailed in 2004 for two counts of indecency and three of indecent assault involving children

Sentencing him at Northampton Crown Court in 2004, Judge Charles Wide QC said: “You embarked on a carefully calculated and planned campaign to abuse two vulnerable 15-year-old boys.

“You were devious and manipulative. You groomed them relentlessly. You created opportunities for abuse.”

One boy received up to 1,300 calls and “dirty” text messages – including 93 texts on Valentine’s Day.



January 2004

Northampton Teacher jailed for indecent assaults

A secondary school teacher who “groomed” two vulnerable schoolboys by sending the pair up to 1,500 lewd text messages before indecently assaulting both of them was jailed for four years today.

History teacher Wasim Majid was convicted last month of two charges of indecency with a child and two counts of indecent assault relating to two incidents – one between January and March 2002 and one between April and June 2002.

He was cleared of one charge of rape between January and March, but found guilty on an alternative, third count of indecent assault.

Majid, of Wolverton in Buckinghamshire, who denied all the charges, had been suspended from his job at a Northamptonshire school since the boys made the initial claim on December 4, 2002. Appearing at Northampton crown court today, Majid was told that he was a predatory figure who targeted “vulnerable” young boys “for your own sexual gratification”.

Jailing Majid for four years, and extending licence proceedings for a further three years, Judge Charles Wide QC said: “You embarked on a carefully calculated and planned campaign to abuse two young and vulnerable 15-year-old boys.

“You were deliberately and calculatedly using your position to abuse children in your charge.

“You deliberately and calculatedly abused trust placed in you by pupils and staff. Entirely for your sexual gratification you singled out two boys.

“They were both in different ways vulnerable. They had both just arrived at the school and weren’t part of an established network of friends.

“Both of them were having difficulties in relation to their sexuality and you locked on to that and you did that in order to become part of their personal lives and develop relationships with them.

“You have made already difficult lives more difficult. You were devious and manipulative simply to serve your own selfish ends which had to do with your sexual gratification.

“You groomed them relentlessly. You created the opportunities for abuse.”

Majid assaulted the first boy, who was 15 at the time, in the teenager’s bedroom when he visited his home while his parents were out.

The teacher was also accused of indecently assaulting the second boy, who had helped Majid move into a new house.

The jury of seven women and five men were told that the first boy received up to 1,300 phone calls and text messages from the teacher, and were shown mobile phone records showing that Majid had sent a total of 93 text messages to the boy on Valentine’s Day last year.

Prosecution counsel Pearl Willis said the pair had formed a relationship through the text messages when the teacher helped sort out a problem with bullying at school. She added that the correspondence from Majid soon became “more dangerous and sinister”.

In his evidence, Majid had claimed that the phone correspondence was purely friendly, with a view to his role in pastoral care at the school. “I’m a textaholic,” he said. “I’m always on the phone texting. It’s an easy form of communication.

“I would text them about problems at school. It could relate to problems outside of school, it could be to do with sport or interests.”

Describing the 1,300 text messages sent by Majid between February and November last year, the boy said: “They started getting dirty and just got worse and worse.

“Sometimes it would feel like he was kind of stalking me.”

The second boy was assaulted between April and June last year after agreeing to help the teacher move home. The two had also struck up a relationship using text messaging, also after the boy had suffered bullying because of his sexuality, with phone records showing Majid had sent 253 messages or phone calls to the boy’s mobile.

The two boys made their complaints to schools heads and police in December last year. Neither, it was said, had told anyone else about the abuse.

Majid, 27, was also banned indefinitely from working with children and was ordered to sign on to the Sex Offenders’ Register on release from prison.

Judge Wide said: “You do pose a significant amount of risk based on what I have seen of you during this trial – the careful grooming and deliberate creation of opportunity to abuse.”

Majid’s mother and two brothers attended the hearing, as well as members of the London Schools Cricket Association, which he coached, including six boys who played cricket with the teacher.

In mitigation, defence barrister Stephen Williamson QC said Majid was an ambitious and successful teacher who was now paying the penalty for a “grave breach of trust”.

Mr Williamson said: “The sort of people who have come and supported him today are of course his family, but also boys he taught cricket and colleagues in the teaching profession. All these people have appreciated his enthusiasm and the efforts for them.

“For all his enthusiasm and perhaps inspirational activity he was still immature for his years and for the responsibilities he had as a teacher.

“He was an ambitious and successful teacher but it is all gone and that is his punishment, self-inflicted of course.”

Mr Williamson stressed that Majid had never physically threatened the boys, saying that when the second boy refused the teacher’s advances he had halted the assault. The boys were assaulted once each only, he added.

He said: “The offences were all on one occasion. Although one can’t avoid the intimidation that comes from his position as a teacher, the amount of intimidation was minimal given the circumstances between them.

“The hand was pushed away and that was the end of it.”

Majid was jailed for two years for each offence of indecent assault and indecency with a minor, but four years for the more serious indecent assault on the first boy. All sentences will run concurrently.

Judge Wide added: “I am sure that intercourse did take place but what troubled the jury was the perception of consent.”