October 2009


A one-legged pervert whose home became a ‘honeypot’ for kids has been jailed for eight months for downloading 1,000 pornographic images of children.

Police were alerted to Colin Goymer’s activities after he contacted a helpline as his urge to download more extreme images grew.

Residents in Coniston had also contacted police concerned that the 55-year-old was opening his house to groups of village children as young as five.

Goymer, of Little Moss,Coniston, admitted 15 charges of downloading indecent images of girls as young as five.

Many were computer generated but some of the most serious category were real photographs of children being abused.

Carlisle Crown Court heard that he had been allowing children to drink and smoke at his house and that his computer could easily have been accessed by them as it was not password protected.

Police went to his home on February 18 and Goymer showed them some of the downloaded images.

He did not send images to anyone else and police say he was not part of a paedophile network. Goymer, who was himself abused as a child, claimed he got no sexual gratification from the images but did derive pleasure from them.

Police found sexually explicit graffiti that had been written on his lounge walls by visiting children.

Goymer had tried to outrun police in his motorised wheelchair days after he pleaded guilty to the charges at an earlier court appearance.

He drove onto the jetty at Coniston where he became stuck and tried to fight off police officers, dropping a knife he was carrying into the lake.

It was revealed in court that two village families still allowed him to visit their homes and their children, which Judge Peter Hughes QC expressed surprise at.

Residents had sent numerous letters to the court expressing concern at Goymer’s continued presence in the village.

Sentencing Judge Hughes said: “The ready availability of child pornography on the internet is deplorable.”

He said there was a strong public interest in forcing search engines and websites to bar access to pages containing child pornography. He described Goymer’s bungalow as a ‘honeypot’ for children where they could do what they liked.

“The disturbing and unpleasant feature of the case is that you invited young children into your home,” he added.

“The atmosphere was a highly sexualised one, as illustrated by the obscene graffiti in your living room.”

He was sentenced to six months in prison for all 15 counts of downloading indecent images – to run concurrently.

A further two-month sentence was imposed for carrying a knife. Goymer, who is wheelchair-bound, is likely to serve four months in total.

He will remain on the sex offenders register for life and was placed under a sexual offenders prevention order which bans him from going within 50 yards of schools.

And he must never again download pornography of any kind.