September 2007

Child rapist back on the prowl

THIS sickening photograph is guaranteed to freeze the blood of every parent across the country.

Child rapist Vincent Graham chats away to an innocent little girl as he suns himself outside his flat — and his neighbours don’t have a CLUE about his vile past.

Our shock pictures provide yet more proof of the urgent need for Sarah’s Law to let parents know of the monsters lurking in their midst.

This is the SECOND time Graham — jailed for ten years for a series of child rapes — has been caught on camera leering at young girls. Last summer he and another pervert were pictured videoing girls feeding ducks in a park.

Graham, 60, was arrested for breaching the conditions of his licence and locked up again — but he is now out and BACK living in his native Cumbria

And not everyone in the town of Whitehaven, where he has a flat, knows of his past.

Vincent Graham (pictured)

Cops know where he is living but teachers at two schools just a few hundred yards from his flat have not been informed. There is also a playground nearby.

The girl in our picture, aged about four, is just a few years younger than Graham’s victims when he first struck in the 1970s.

The tot was playing on a patch of grass as the pervert sat nearby eating fish and chips.

She skipped across to him, and chatted and laughed with him before carrying on playing — as Graham continued to watch.

An onlooker said: “It was stomach-churning to see. It was a beautiful day and Graham was sunning himself on some steps.

“The girl was happy to run up to him and chat away. It makesyour blood run cold to know what he has done.

“It terrifies you to think what was going through his mind when he was talking to her — and it is so worrying that hardly any of his neighbours know what he has done in the past.”

Graham has had two run-ins in recent weeks with locals whoDID recognise him.

He got into a row with them and has been charged with two public order offences, for which he will face Whitehaven magistrates in July.

One local said: “We saw him driving into the street and we knew that it was him straight away.

“We told the local school he was in the area and someone tried to take his picture.

“He was very abusive, effing and blinding, and went to the police to report it — but it was him who ended up getting charged.

“We just don’t want someone like him in our area. There are kids all over the place here and we know what he did back then. It is only by these people being under surveillance that there is any hope they won’t attack a child again, and that’s why we should have laws telling us where they are living.”

Local MP Jamie Read said: “I will be speaking to the police and probation service immediately to try to establish exactly how this man is being monitored.

“The true strength of this area is the strength of its community — we are very close.

“Paedophilia is sickening and its perpetrators should be monitored at all cost.”

Graham was convicted in 2001 of nine rapes on girls aged under 16 in 1976 and 1977 and then 1983 and 1984.

He was originally charged with 29 counts of rape, two of indecent assault and one of making indecent photographs of a child under 16 but some were dropped.

The divorced father-of-three was jailed after pleading guilty at Preston Crown Court.

His ten-year sentence was cut to eight on appeal and he was released in July 2005. He spent the next year living in a bail hostel where he became friends with fellow pervert David Ramsden.

Ramsden had six previous child sex convictions and was on remand when the pair were photographed by the News of the World in a park in Guildford.

They would go for regular, unsupervised walks from the hostel with a camera and tripod.

After photos of them were published Graham was arrested for breaching his licence conditions and locked up again.

Ramsden was jailed for a year soon afterwards for eight attacks on four girls aged 11 to 13.

Cumbria Police refused to give out any details of Graham’s licence conditions or whether he was allowed to mix with children in public.

Detective Sergeant Cliff Walker said: “We are aware of issues over an individual.

“He’s being managed in the community and is under police supervision.”

Evil that lurks in the park

TWO convicted paedophiles film a little girl in a park — proving the need for a Sarah’s Law to keep tabs on perverts.

The monsters were spotted just days after one confessed to EIGHT sickening child sex attacks.

David Ramsden, 73, and child rapist Vincent Graham were caught filming the girl in Guildford, Surrey.

Ramsden was on bail days after he admitted sex assaults on girls aged 11-13. He was jailed for 12 months on Friday.

Graham, 59, who was free after serving half a ten-year sentence, was yesterday arrested by cops for breaching the terms of his licence.

Staff at Ramsden’s bail hostel did not confiscate his camera for fear of infringing HIS human rights.